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Sunday, 25 January 2015


Guide to buy a used Computer or Laptop

You just came across an ad on the internet about a desktop PC or a laptop on dirt cheap price an all the specifications enlisted fit perfectly to your needs and requirements. Of-course you want to buy it but wait! there can be issues with the machine, well if not in reality then at-least you are having apprehensions regarding the same.
So today I'll give you a brief & simple guide on how you can buy a decent laptop or desktop for your self that is either used or well just not seal pack new. Just read the points below and you'll be all good.

The Configuration:

This is the most important point, if this is all right then other points can be managed even. Most of the times the seller is either unaware of the exact configuration of the laptop or is misguiding you. This case is mostly observed in assembled desktop computers.
To overcome this problem by downloading a small and free software called Speccy, keep it in your flash drive and just install it on the system that you are about to buy. It will give you the detailed information about the machine instantly from as big as the amount and brand of RAM, Hard Disk and processor to as small as the temperatures that its working on!
You can choose any other software you like as well for the same purpose.


If the machine comes with an original software like the Windows OS or any security software like an anti virus or any other premium software, the price is likely to go up. So its better that you make sure if the softwares are original or not by checking their activation keys and even keeping them with yourself for future use.

The Connectivity Ports:

Every machine be it a laptop or a desktop comes with a range of connectivity ports such as USB ports, Audio Jacks and even HDMI ports. You should make sure that all of these are working in proper conditions. Carry along a pen drive with you for checking the USB ports, a headphone with mic preferably for the jacks and most important try to switch the ports to the monitor from the existing one to another. For example If the desktop is using VGA port then use the HDMI instead to see if its working or not.

Power Supply Unit or Battery Packs:
In desktop the PSU or the power supply unit is vital for proper functioning. Check which brand PSU is installed in the machine by removing the side panel and see if its a good one or not. Make sure that if you want to upgrade the configuration soon the PSU can provide you the extra power. While running the computer you shouldn't feel as if the PSU is failing.
In a laptop you should remove the pack to see if its of the same brand as the laptop or not and check for proper battery backup along with no leakage or damage to the battery pack. The charger should also meet the ratings of the battery even if its of the same brand.

The screen:

Its a very expensive and vital part of a laptop so just make sure its working properly. See for any haze, dead pixel on the screen or a strange line passing through the screen. You can do this easily by putting up a white wallpaper on the desktop, it will reveal any strange dot on the screen instantly.

Body Condition:

Check the frame and body for cracks, dings, or surface damage. They are easily found at the corners of the laptops and at the sides or front of the desktop cabinet. The laptop screen on opening should not be making any screeching sound as it can indicate a damaged screw or a loose display strip. Any gap shouldn't be there in the body be it a laptop or a desktop.
Check the keyboard and track-pad for signs of heavy use, wear, or any broken keys. Press every key from all the alphabets to all the numeric to check if they all work properly or not.

That's all, if you see a tick mark on all these above mentioned points then the laptop or desktop is worth buying of-course if the price is right. Id you think that I've missed out on any points or you need any help regarding the same then feel free to leave a comment.
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