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Wednesday, 7 August 2013


i7 vs i5 vs i3 for Laptops

Buying a laptop can sometimes be rocket science if you don't know where to start from. The processor is the heart of any computing system especially a laptops due to the absence of any customization scope. So buying the right processor is more important than anything else while picking the right Laptop for yourself. When it comes to Laptop processors we highly recommend an Intel processor over an AMD due to their higher endurance to heat as laptops have really poor cooling facilities!
So let's take a look at all the latest and best options available in the Market to make your purchase worthwhile.

Core i7

These processors are top-of-the-line chips from Intel. Models like the i7-3840QM and the i7-3632QM are parts of the quad-core series (denoted by the 'Q' in their names). At the slightly lower end, you have the mainstream processors like the i7-3520M (notice the M in the model name) that are dual-core chips. These feature a technology called Turbo that temporarily increases chip speeds if the task requires it. Core i7 processors, especially the Q-series, are suitable for those who play high-end games like Battlefield 3 or Crysis 3 , or people who create professional quality multimedia content.

Core i5

The Core i5 processors like the 3380M and the 3210M are dual-core chips that also feature Turbo Technology. These, however, are slower performers when compared to the Intel i7s because of their lower clock speed. Core i5 processors are ideal for multi-tasking of moderate levels. They are also a decent budget alternatives to the i7.
Mainly recommended for those who want to a little of everything ranging from gaming to office work and even portability. If you don't have an intense task to perform in any specific field then this should be your choice.

Core i3

It's an entry level chip, are dual core and function at a lower and fixed clock speed (no Turbo feature). These processors easily handle office work like MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint, Web browsing, Music and FullHD movie playback. You can even run moderate games and do picture editing seamlessly due to the built in Intel HD graphics that is a standard feature in all the 3rd Generation Intel processors.

Ultra-Low Voltage Processors

This is a class of processors that are also known as ULVs. They are specifically designed to operate at low voltages to extend battery life. You can identify these by the 'U' in their model number--the i5-3437U and the i3-3217U. These are ideal for people who are mostly on the go and don't have time to plug and charge their laptops often or use their laptops as a charging source for their other gadgets like Smart Phones and Tablets, leaving you with more surplus energy .

Pentium and Celeron

These are the processor that are made by Intel and found in budget laptops. The Pentium 2030M. the Pentium 987, The celeron 1000M and the Celeron 1005M are good enough for basic office work and web browsing. Recommended for those who mainly use their Laptops for light office tasks and giving presentations etc.

Well this was the comparison among the best processor available for the grab in the market today but if you still want to explore more options then, AMD is the only viable choice so here is a look at a glance on the latest A series APUs by AMD.
AMD processors like the A10 4600M and the A8 4500M are not as powerful as Core processors, but they can encode video or render a 3D scene in a program like 3D Max faster than a comparably priced Core i3 or the Core i5. 

Note: If you buy an Intel processor and want the best performance possible then ask for the Intel 4th generation core processors also known as Haswell.
Also make a point to look at the Laptop buying guide and Cooling pads.

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