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Sunday, 7 July 2013


Use any old Contoller with latest PC games

Today's latest games require a lot of controlling and precision due to the complex functions cropping up every day. This makes it really difficult for everyone to play games with a keyboard especially a stock keyboard.
So you need a gaming pad or a gaming controller but getting a good and branded gaming controller like the Xbox controller can be a bit too heavy on your pockets and the old ones or rather the cheap Chinese made are not recognized with modern games that mainly require a Xbox controller only!
Not to worry there is a cheap and easy way out by using the x360ce emulator. It's a google project code and free to download and use. You can get that from here.
So what you can do is get a gamepad of you budget/liking and emulate as an xbox360 controller. This is not a rocket science and it's not complicated. All you have to do is do some research on your gamepad before buying and make sure it's bug free.

Setting up your Gamepad:

1-Now that you have downloaded the software all you have to do is extract the downloaded file( .exe file, .ini file and .dll file)  and paste it in the game installation directory where the .exe file of the game is available.
2- If your gamepad came with a driver CD then install it and skip to step 4.
3- Now you need to caliberate your gamepad to make sure that all the keys are working correctly just like the traditional Xbox Controller. Go to Control  Panel / Devices and printers. Right click on your gamepad and click "Game controller settings" then click Properties.

Test the keys for buttons and their numbers and left/right analog sticks. For anlogue stick make sure that you have switched on the "analogue" button on your gamepad otherwise they will not be recognized.
4- Now click on the x360ce.exe from the game installation directory, the image of the Xbox contoller would be gree if it has recognized your controller and would be black and white otherwise.
5- Choose the preset that you want and wait till the settings are loaded, during this process the image would turn black nad white but would turn back to green indicating that the settings ahve been successfully loaded.
6- Once you get the green icon at the top, try pressing all the keys in your gamepad and see if the xbox360 controller keys highlighted accordingly. If keys are altered, you can remap here and test if the mapping is alright.
7- As said before, enable analog and check your analog left/right sticks. Save this preset and close the window of x360ce.exe
Congratulations you have just successfully configured your controller and can play any game that supports the Gaming controller function.


1- Saves money that can be used on other more important hardware improvements like graphic cards etc
2- Configure it once and forget about it, just plug your controller in the USB and start playing the game
3- One time setup for a single game, just copy and paste the x360ce.exe file along with the two files that it creates into any other game directory to use it with that game.
4- Very small size almost insignificant!

That was all that I had to share guys, if you have any other software or ways to suggest feel free to share. And if you have any problems do comment and share it. I'll solve them ASAP.

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