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Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Tracking and Finding your Stolen Camera

We often think that if we lose a camera then its a thing to forget about as it can't be retrieved ever but that is a misconception and a result of lack of technical awareness. You can always track down your lost and stolen digital cameras especially the latest ones and definitely a brand new DSLR or SLR camera.
This is simply achieved by a technology known as EXIF which is a unique number that is stamped onto the photographs by the camera & is invisible to your naked eyes. The number is always unique and assigned to one and one device only.
Stolen Camera Finder is such a software that tracks down the camera by matching the unique number on the photographs taken by the same camera that you are tracking with the photos uploaded on all the social networking sites and on the web. You just need a photo with you that you can upload for reference.
Its something that is by a long shot impossible but still worth a try rather than just sitting back and moaning.
Stolen Camera Finder

Hope that this article was of some help to you. Id you have any more such suggestions then please share them with me. As always leave your comments below and do tell me if you found back your lost possession!

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