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Saturday, 12 August 2017


HyperX CloudX Revolver Gears of War headset review

The new HyperX CloudX Revolver is impressive but is it truly suitable to be your Gear of War?

Kingston has been around the block for many years now and wooing in PC enthusiasts & gamers alike with their impressive and sturdy line of memory and storage devices. But lately in an attempt to explore new territories & regaining lost ones they are expanding their presence in the world of gaming headsets and boy they are making ripples for sure! Their Cloud Revolver has been one such attempt which cemented its legacy as one of the best gaming headsets in the industry offering a balance of almost everything one can ask for.
So moving a notch up HyperX recently released a revamped or lets say upgraded version of the Revolver in form of the HyperX CloudX Revolver Gears Of War 'Limited' Edition Gaming Headset, well that's one mouthful of a name for sure! Thanks to Kingston Technology India I have one with me today & I just can't wait to review this beauty!

At around $200 or Rs 10,500 in India the HyperX CloudX Revolver utilizes 50mm neodymium drivers to deliver a thump pumping audio quality at a maximum 28Khz all working perfectly with almost any device you can name of including PC, cell phones, tablets and even gaming consoles of the latest generation.
With an impedance of 33 Ohms and a maximum output power of 150mW we're looking at around a 50mW output higher and almost-double the Ohms on offer than competing headsets, once again accentuating the HyperX quality I have experienced in the past.
On the downside it lacks features like USB connectivity and 7.1 virtual sound experience which we tend to expect at this price point.

What's in the Box!?

HyperX brings the CloudX Revolver Gears of War Edition headset in a big chunky case like box with an outer covering imprinted with the product name, a rendered image and the entire real estate covered by Gears of War printing. It also sates that the headset is compatible with both Windows and Xbox gaming consoles right at the very top.

Under the outer cover you'll find a nice thick cardboard case that houses the actual product along with all the other accessories. Its a thick black box with Gears of War marque at its top. This is a very cool and apt packing style for a headset of this stature providing both looks and protection in the right amounts.

Inside the box you get the CloudX Revolver itself along with a welcome note, a redeemable code for the Gears Pack for the game, a user manual, a detachable mic and a 2m long extension cum splitter cable to enable you to use the mic and headphones together on PCs. The wires are braided and thick, feeling strong and durable while the mic is flexible but looks robust at appearance.

Looking at the headset itself we see that its deep crimson in color with hues of blacks to impart a militia look that is in coherence with the Gears of War them. The cups are made out of premium quality plastic that is shaped in form of a gear emblazoned by the Crimson Omen Skull on top and has an inlet for the microphone on the left cup.

On the inner side these cups are covered by genuine leather covering a thick padding of memory foam and to take things up a little bit more the Omen Phoenix logo is now printed right on the inner cover which is just so pleasing to the eyes if you are a true Gears of War fan!

Just when you think the detailing and premium work on this headset is over we come across the top of this product which has a metal band to hold the cups in place, the HyperX signature style, along with a thick memory foam head cushion which is velvety and stamped with the Gears of War traditional logo all fashioned in a rustic and raw manner. The detailing work on the CloudX Revolver is second to none and considering that its an official game themed product the feel is not at all cheap or substandard rather worked upon from ground up to ensure an entirely new product in its own right!

Time to Hit the Cords!

Gaming Performance

Since the HyperX CloudX Revolver Gears of War edition aims at gaming, obviously, we tested it with some of our all time favorites, Crysis 3 and Battlefield 1 for its excellent blend of audio, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor for its pitch perfect environmental sounds and NFS: Rivals well simply 'coz I like that game!
In Crysis 3 we had no issue whatsoever in listening to or understanding what Prophet was saying and noises were greatly distinguished in the heat of battle, even of the crickets in the NY jungle! Battlefield 1 came out fully immersive especailly when it came to sitting inside the battle tanks or listening to aerial bombing happening across the field. In Shadow of Mordor we could really feel the voices coming from different directions but due to the lack of 7.1 surround sound and bass heavy nature of the drivers it was impossible to pin point the location of a foe sneaking in from behind which is a major drawback in certain games like CS:GO. The engines of Bugatti or Lamborghini never revved any better and we were blown away by the deep bass these cups had to offer. All in all these headphones are nothing short of amazing when it comes to playing games that are all bass heavy and going out with all guns blazing is your playing style since for precision gaming the Revolver maybe a bit too loud in the ears.

Music, Movies and Miscellaneous Stuff

For movies and music I plugged in the CloudX Revolver into a ALC 1220 codec based audio solution on my PC motherboard and also we tested it with an Apple iPhone 7 for basically musical playback. Firstly we went in for a wide variety like the dialogue intensive Schindler's List & 12 Years a Slave to high pitch titles like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and The Avengers, all came out in exceptional quality.
Bryan Adam's Heaven and some of my all time favorite Bollywood songs sounded great with exceptional mids and lows accompanied by a good treble. Eminem Legacy and Rap God were as clear as they can be with bass nearing perfection, even at full volume songs from 3 Doors Down, Motorhead or Metallica didn't crack displaying the true power of the 50mm drivers that it uses.
Mic on these headphones is static free and does cancel out most of the noise doing a great job at voice reproduction during in game chats or even during dubbing purposes for a video recording.

My Verdict

Alright so first of all the CloudX Revolver Gears of War edition gaming headset is revamped and an entirely new product from the outside which is very well executed leaving no room for cheap material or botched designing. The product does exactly what it promises with brilliant sound reproduction in gaming and even during day to day audio playback which definitely is not what its meant for. Its high compatibility with various platforms is a plus point & it carries the HyperX heritage very well in all possible aspects.
The design is solid with top notch material used in various places making it a very comfortable headset to wear even during long gaming marathons in humid climates such as that of India all courtesy to those genuine leather cups and cushioning. On the down side the sound lacks precision and accuracy in certain games due to its bass heavy nature so lovers or pro gamers of certain genre or games might not like it for this simple reason. However on the contrast its an amazing headset for certain other categories of games such as one to one combat, open world adventure or even Gears of War series for that matter!
"The HyperX CloudX Revolver Gears of War Gaming Headset is just like the Lancer assault rifle from the game, its rustic, build solid and does the job of obliterating any competition in its way for the price point that it comes for."
Pros -
  • Solid build quality
  • Exceptional aesthetics
  • Bass heavy with good sound reproduction
Cons -
  • Lacks accuracy in sound
I give it a 8/10 earning our Gold Award!

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