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Thursday, 13 April 2017


Glow - Lightsaber meets Earphone

Listening to good music is one thing but seeing it in some form is a whole new experience which thanks to the new earphones in the block is absolutely possible. Say hello to the Glow Earphones!
Originally designed by Quantum Bakery, Rich Park, Soohun Jung & BEBOP Designers these new piece of tech first made an appearance back in 2015 on Kickstarter but only went up for sale to the general consumers in 2017.
Wooing Star War fanatic and audiophiles alike the Glow earphones are a perfect blend of laser lit wires and powerful audio drivers all blended into a single unit. Glow makes use of an innovative material called Fibrance. Developed by Corning (the people behind GorillaGlass), Fibrance is a fiber optic cable that instead of conducting light through it, dissipates it evenly across the length of the cable, allowing it to illuminate brightly and evenly by scattering a laser light. The Fibrance material doesn’t give off heat either, making it the perfect choice for the Glow.
The earphones have their own battery for the lights which one can charge through a micro USB port while the audio is fed to them through a 3.5mm jack. Once discharged the earphones work as a normal pair of earphones without lights which interestingly means that there are no boundaries to limit its audio performance.
The lighting pattern can be controlled by an app available for free for the iOS and Android platforms, one can set them to still, off, pulsate or even glow in sync with the music. Brightness and contrast are also controllable.
Available right now in Red and Blue colors with Green coming in this Summer they are available for purchase at $169 on the official website.

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