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Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Intel Kaby Lake Core i7 7700K hits 100C at 4.9Ghz

Intel is all set and betting high on its upcoming Kaby Lake processors, a line of processors aimed at competing with AMD's own upcoming Zen CPUs and also to woo the over-clockers with almost the entire lineup coming in with unlocked multiplier including the tiny i3 CPUs!

The Core i7-7700K which we've seen in leaked picture over the web so far has been the only confirmed SKU and its engineering samples along with the compatible 200 series motherboards have been allotted to a handpicked people around the globe for beta testing.

Today Zolkorn leaked some data on the i7-7700K and from what we can see the processor can easily hit the 4.9Ghz mark at a mere 1.29v which is something to really be happy about, infact be very happy about! But and I mean a big BUT is the temperatures that we can see in the pics. The 7700K hits a whooping 100°C at this frequency and voltage that is totally unprecedented for any consumer grade processor at this kind of OC!

The screenshot clearly shows that the Core i7-7700K was hitting 4901.18MHz (49 x 100), while using just 1.26V of power and reaching 100°C in AIDA64 stability test.
Which cooler was used is still unknown though.

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