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Monday, 5 September 2016


Corsair Katar Gaming Mouse Review

So who plays counter strike or DOTA? Pretty much everyone in India. And who needs a powerful mouse and lightening quick responses in their game? Everyone! Sadly performance and quality comes at a price and not everyone can drop a load of cash for quality gaming hardware but that was a thing of the past until Corsair brought in their Katar gaming mouse, a decently priced mouse with some really cool features. It is being advertised as a mouse developed by professional players and Dong-jin "Helios" Shin is doing the campaigning of this mouse which makes this mouse high on expectations. So let's dig in to find more features and see how much it can meet with the expectations:

The build quality of the Katar is very solid. It's very light weight and weighs only about 85 grams (yeah you read that right!) It offers low DPI settings so large movements on the screen are pretty easy to make and without any resistance. The triangular side texture on both sides of the mouse is effectively grippy, and the rubberized plastic on the top should be comfortable for all kinds of grips.

It comes with on-the-fly DPI tuning and 8000 DPI optical sensor. The Katar is ambidextrous and doesn't have any side buttons, leaving just the left and right-click and scroll-wheel on top which is a good news for left handed gamers because it's comfortable for their fingers. Whereas, the the small size of the mouse is a hindrance for the gamers with palm grip.

The Corsair Katar comes with what's called the Pro player mode which is a preconfigured performance and tuning settings customized by the world's top players. So you don't really need to work too much on the settings.

Pushing the limits of the maximum USB transfer rate, the ultrafast 1ms response time ensures that every click counts. Lag-free game play is crucial when everything is on the line. The non-removable cable has a yellow USB tip, a real help for any of those who swap out the various anonymous black USB cables from the back of their computer often.

The mouse rides on removable Teflon feet, but like most mice at this price point the Katar does not include spares. The mouse uses an 8,000 DPI red LED sensor, so dark surfaces are recommended.

  • Ultra light weight
  • 8000 dPI optical sensor
  • Pro palyer mode
  • Ambidextorous and comfortable

  • Small in size
  • No side buttons
  • Doesn't include any spares

Final words

The Katar is a basic gaming mouse with an excellent sensor, great primary buttons and a comfortable grip. It is let down by the middle button and its oversized and ill-placed DPI sensor. If you want precision and don't need more than two buttons, the Katar will not disappoint.
I give it 7.5/10
Shivani Mishra
About the Guest Author:
An Engineer by profession and a writer by passion. Trying to solve others problems and learning in the due course.

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