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Thursday, 5 May 2016


Best SSD for Gaming, Graphics Editing and Office Use

SSD or the Solid State Drive is a buzz word since day one and even after years after the first one surfaced up its still a dilemma for many when it comes to finding or even deciding which one is the best for them. While you're already aware of the fact what a SSD actually is or else you won't be reading this article in the first place I'll still go on a state a few lines about it for the one's who are new to this. A SSD is nothing more than an electric storage device in contrast to the conventional mechanical storage device ie a HDD. This not only makes a SSD more reliable due to absence of moving parts but also makes it a device way superior in terms of raw speed when compared to its older cousin, system boot time reduces to fraction of seconds, games load at blistering fast speed and you can move data faster than ever before.
So the big question is which one is the right one for you? Today we'll be answering this question by compiling a list of the best SSD for the price. Our list is based on the following key points --
1. SSD comes in various sizes so we'll be naming the one's that have the best price to performance ratio in all genres.
2. Performance, stability and sustainability are a major factor since SSD comes with  life expectancy.
3. Public opinion and user review have also been taken into account along with personal reviews.
4. Its about SATA SSDs today NVMe and M.2 we'll be covering up in a list later on.

Best Over All Performer -- Samsung 850 EVO

This one isn't a surprise since the Samsung 850 EVO is undoubtedly one of the most popular and most trusted SSD ever *period* Coming in 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB  capacities not only does it offer a wide range of choices but also has been able to price them really competitively in contrast to others while offering much superior performance. The simple reason behind this unparalleled price to performance ratio is that Samsung is amongst the very few manufacturer's who build & design a SSD ground up, they design the controller, programs the firmware, manufactures the NAND flash memory, and sell the finished product all by themselves.
Though low capacity models are a bit slower but the entire high capacity range maintains a near 500MB/s read/write speed under synthetic and real-life benchmarks so its a complete package of price, performance and reliability. On the down side under heavy loads the speeds can drop upto as low as 120MB/s

Best Budget SSD -- SanDisk SSD PLUS

Okay this one might be a little hard to swallow but this is a fact that the SanDisk SSD PLUS is the best budget SSD in the market today and the closest competition is identically priced but way slower in terms of performance. A budget SSD directly translates to the fact that it should be as cheap as possible and deliver a decent read/write speed along with a high GB/dollar ratio.
Though the SSD is available in 120GB, 256GB and 480GB capacities the lower capacity one tends to be the faster one.

With around 490Mb/s of read speed and 430MB/s of write speed makes it a great drive for work that requires faster load time or in short daily usage like gaming, video playback etc.

Best Premium SSD -- Samsung 850 Pro

Well this list may sound biased since Samsung has grabbed two out of the three spots but fact is a fact that the Samsung 850 Pro is an undisputed champion of SATA SSDs. The 850 Pro uses a triple core MEX controller running at 400MHz, which is a step up from the 850 Evo’s dual-core MGX controller and also the best in class.
All this comes at a price and I really don't advice anyone to buy a SATA SSD this expensive since you can get M.2 and NVMe SSDs at much lower prices but if you are one of those who are on a shortage of PCIe lanes due to massive graphics card or a PCH limitation then this is your only option to overcome any storage bottleneck.

Read and write speeds are solid and locked at near 500MB/s even under prolonged load which is a rarity in any SSD. The ten-year warranty supplied with the 850 Pro is a sweetener as the drive is rated for 150TB of writes, that equates to 80GB per day for five years, or 40GB a day for ten years, which is certainly enough for workstation use.

Well that concludes our brief journey through the various SSDs and I hope this will help in easing up your decision on to which SSD to put your finger upon. It'll be worthy to mention some SSDs that didn't make it to the list such as the Intel Series 730 which are really good & reliable but is just a tad too expensive and the same goes for the Kingston Savage which is a complete package no doubt and a better choice if you are building a show-case system clearly because of its looks.
So if you have any other suggestions to add to this list then do drop it in the comments below and we'll definitely add them if its good and as always any query regarding the same is welcome.

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