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Monday, 14 March 2016


Manzana Hangon Noise Isolation Headphone Review

Savera Marketing Pvt Ltd a well known marketing firm in India recently came up with their in house brand called Manzana which as of now has a few products in their catalog, most of which are audio equipment like speakers and headphones . Its not interesting that they came up with a brand since there is nothing new in that coz of the fact that most of the marketing agencies at some point of time tend to launch their own product line but what's interesting over here is that just a few months into its launch they managed to sell quite a substantial number of these products the flag bearer to which has been their Hangon Noise Isolation Headphones.
Fortunately I managed to secure a review unit and today I have one of these brand new Hangon Headphones on my table for review!

The Manzana Hangon headphone comes in two vibrant colors of neon green and baby pink, I have with me the neon green one today. Designed to be compatible with PC, laptops and a plethora of handheld devices including cell phones, tablets and iPods courtesy to its two ringed 3.5mm audio jack the headphones are driven by 40mm drivers to deliver a peak frequency of 22Khz at just 32ohms impedance! This directly translates into the fact that the headphones require less power to work for delivering such high output hence saving your devices precious battery power.

Packing and Closer Look

Manzana brings the Hangon headphone in a nice and tidy white cardboard box with a large Manzana logo and name occupying the top. The product image is printed on either side of the box in both the colors available. Its nice to see a transparent window on the side so that one can take a peek at the actual product.

Some vital features  such as compatibility, noise cancellation etc are neatly printed all over the box. The product's technical specifications can be found at the side which I've already listed above.

Open the box and you will find the headphones nestled on a hard paper stand. Its a nice & welcomes touch to packing and imparts an appeal to the product.

The Hangon headphones come with a considerably long rubber wire of the same color as that of your headphones and ends into a conventional two ringed 3.5mm audio jack for maximum compatibility. No in-line volume controller is present.

The body is made out of hard plastic which is smooth and doesn't feel cheap or flimsy. Its light and the sliders are even plastic of good quality, I've seen worse quality plastic  used on high end headphones so no complains on this part.
Also the cups can shift a little on the horizontal axis to adjust according to your ears for maximum comfort.

Ear cups and the inner surface of the headband is covered by soft textured leatherette cushioning. It doesn't feel hard or uncomfortable on the ear and the thickness indicates that it will work nicely for noise isolation.
The vibrant colors would surely be loved my people into sports or adventure seekers, where this color will match nicely with their other equipment and attire.

HangOn! Its testing Time

For testing I fist checked its compatibility with Android, iOS, PC and even my HD TV. The headphones indeed worked flawlessly with all of them. For the main testing I used my Apple iPhone 6S and its default music player set to its default settings. The main reason for using an iPhone is its usage of three Cirrus Logic 338S00105 chips for DAC and amplification which is unmatched and delivers unbiased results for headphone testing

While listening to romantic and slow melodies was smooth and clear the experience of listening to Eminem's Rap God or Legacy was unexpectedly amazing! The words came out clear and the bass was punchy enough. Classic rock such as Eagle's Final Countdown was pleasant and the mids were bang on without any unwanted treble, the lows did feel a bit damped out at moments. But its Metallica or Motorhead that brings out the true potential of the Manzana Hangon headphones when turned up the volume to max, the voice doesn't crackle at all which is astonishing since many of the expensive headphones suffer from this issue!
My ears are big and the cups fitted perfectly upon them but I did feel some sweat building up accompanied by heated ears after continuous 90 minutes of use. The headphones are very light and don't feel tight at all on the head nor do they slip off. Noise isolation is good and works perfectly to deliver pin-drop music.

My Verdict

In the world of technology there is a rule of thumb, not to expect the worst from a new comer nor to expect the best from an old dog! The Manzana Hangon Noise Isolation Headphone justify this line aptly not only they've managed to roll out a revolutionary product redefining all measures in the headphone market but they've also left no stone upturned to make the Hangon a near perfect product with a dirt cheap price tag of mere Rs 650, yup you read it right its cheaper than your phone's monthly 3G pack!
Now for that price tag if I start nit-picking about absence of an in-line volume controller I'll make myself look like an idiot in front of you guys so I'll save my breath on that.
So the Manzana Hangon Headphone are recommended to each and everyone of you out there who are on a budget and rate looks & performance over brand name, since at near 600 INR these cups can easily beat some of the sub 2000INR headphones out there!
Go ahead and buy one, you can thank me later *wink*
I give it 9.5/10

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  1. Hi Vishvesh,
    Got these headphones after reading your review, was not sure about them for obvious reasons ;)
    And dude they are awesome! Thank you so much for the review or else I would have spent so much more for the same audio quality.
    Love your blog keep up the good work!

    1. Hello,
      These are indeed a very good pair of headphones I'm still using them.
      Happy to know that you liked my review and my other work.
      Keep visiting.