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Wednesday, 3 February 2016


AMD announces three new processors and updated motherboards

AMD has outlined what we can expect of its upcoming processors and motherboards as we dive into 2016.

According to PC Gamer, AMD and all of its big partners like Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, and ASRock have already started putting out AM3+ / FMS2 + motherboards which support current I/O technology like USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type A and C with up to 10 Gbps bandwidth. They also support M.2 SATA SSD connectors.

On the processor side of things, AMD has three new ones coming out: the A10-7860K, the A6-7470K, and the Athlon X4 845. The A10 is the big one, with four "steamroller" cores with a boost / base CPU frequency of 4.0 / 3.6 GHz. It's got eight GPU cores, and its GPU frequency is 757MHz. These are fairly similar stats to the existing A10-7850K, but the big difference is that the TDP class has been reduced down to 65W from 95W. It'll be available for $118.

Meanwhile, the A6-7470K is a dual-core processor with a 4.0 / 3.7 GHz boost / base frequency. It's got four GPU cores with a GPU frequency of 800 MHz, and it also has a TDP class of 65W.

The AMD Athlon X4 845 is designed for use with a discrete graphics card. Its quad core CPU runs at 3.8 / 3.5 GHz boost / base, and it too has a TDP class of 65W. This one will cost $70. AMD will also be releasing an A10-7890K, but it is keeping the specs of that one under wraps for now.

All these new CPU releases come before the new Zen architecture update, expected to release in 2016 and bring with it a huge jump in instructions per clock over AMD's existing architecture.

In addition, AMD announced some news about its new Wraith cooler. It'll be making its debut on the AMD FX8370, replacing the old stock cooler on this existing processor at no additional cost (it's priced at $200). However, the stock cooler version will still be available for $10 less.

The Wraith will then also be available on the new A10-7860K and Athlon X4 845 processors. In addition, it will be replacing the stock coolers on the Athlon X4 870K ($90), the X4 860K ($80), the A8-7670K ($106), and the A8-7650K ($96). These processors will be "at a similar price" to what they were with the previous thermal solutions.

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  1. Vishvesh, am planning a mini-ITX AMD system. Would a 7870k bottleneck an R9 Nano? I am planning to pair the CPU with a Corsair H60, so overclocking room is there, or so I believe.

    1. First of all I appreciate you going for a mITX build! Would love to see it when finished.
      The R9 Nano will not be bottle-necked by the 7870K in any game since games don't really need that much of CPU power anyways.
      For normal use its fine but for overclocking the Corsair H60 is a bit old rather you should go for the Corsair H5 SF or a 240mm cooler like the H100i GTX since a mITX build is tight and lack of ventilation is the prime issue.

  2. The case I have in mind is the FD Core 500; it houses the PSU in the front, so no front intake. There is room for a rear 140 mm intake fan. I need an ODD, and hence, a 240/280 mm radiator is out. The H5 would need good airflow into the case, but with it, I cannot use the rear fan as an intake. My idea was to use my existing H60 and 140 mm fans: 140 as rear intake and H60 as top exhaust.

    Another idea is to use two 140s as intake from top, and use the H60 as rear exhaust. Doing so, I am afraid I will be looping the hot air from the rear back into the case from the top.

    Any suggestions?

    Also, do you know if R9 Nano is available in India? Can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    And yes, I will share the pics. :)

    1. Interesting case choice I must admit.
      Since you want to use the H60 the best option for you is what you've already pointed out. Put two 140mm fans on top as intake and put the H60 at the back. As for your doubts regarding the air loop, that will not happen and I can say that from my personal experience my case has a similar arrangement. For best results make sure there is clear space at the back of the case for the hot air to travel away from the system.
      The R9 Nano is not available in India as of now, you can sure check for its availability from places like Nehru Place in New Delhi etc but I'm not sure if you can get it there aswell. I'll ask a few brands & let you know when or where it can be available.

  3. Thank you for the response. I zeroed in on the case cause (1) it has good build quality, (2) is cheap enough that even importing it is digestible, and (3) is small enough. I need something that is small, can fit an H60/ODD/R9 Nano/ATX PSU, and has good build quality. You have any recommendations?

    Thank you for clearing my doubt regarding the cooling set-up. Appreciate it.

    Let me know about the R9 Nano. Cheers.

    PS: You should really do a series on mini-ITX AMD systems: mini-ITX AMD-based Basic/Office PC, mini-ITX AMD-based media/file server, mini-ITX AMD-based light gaming/multimedia rig, and mini-ITX AMD-based gaming rig.

    Let me know if you need help with these: I wouldn't mind pitching in!

    Don't have access to my shortlisted components at present, but will share soon.

    1. Its hard to find a competitor to that case for the price but the Corsair Obsidian 250D at around 7K in India is a great option and worth considering, plus you get the warranty.
      Surely I'm on it already will inform you soon.
      Yeah it sure is a great idea and thanks for bringing it up, let me think over it and arrange for the parts will contact you for any assistance.
      I'm really excited for your build to be true!

  4. So, here is my component list:
    AMD A10 7870K APU
    MSI A88X AC V2 mini-ITX MoBo
    Corsair 2400 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) RAM
    500 GB SSD
    SeaSonic M12 620 Watts Modular PSU
    Fractal Design Core 500 Cabinet
    Sapphire R9 Nano GPU
    Corsair H60 AIO CPU Cooler
    Corsair AF140 Fans (x 2)

    Some have been purchased, while some remain. Let's see how it turns out...

    PS: The 250D is too big for me. :( Roomy though.

    1. Cool, this sounds like a great build on paper and will surely be powerful in reality.
      I asked about the R9 Nano and all leading manufacturers have no plans as such to import it to India since mITX here is not something people go for *sad*
      For the SSD you can go for the SK Hynix Canvas SL300, I've recently reviewed it and its arguably the best one for just 8K. This will help you save some money for your graphics card I suppose.
      Add the Cooler Master Silencio fan for the AIO Cooler they are the best PWM in the market today. Will unlock the full potential of the cooler I'm sure.

      No worries the Core 500 is a great case no doubts.
      Will wait for any further updates from you.

  5. Vishvesh, I am in a dilemma. I can order the R9 Nano from Newegg @ 47k. The Fury X is available in India for 60k. I am worried about returns/warranty in case something goes wrong. I will have to ship the product to the US, while here, it would be much easier. Go for the Fury X? My power supply is capable of handling the additional load.

    Regarding cooling, I can use the Fury X cooler for outflow through the rare: the H60 intaking air from one of the top mounts (am assuming the 7870K won't be needing that much cooling). The remainder 140 mm fan mount can take in an AF 140.

    Sorry if hassling, but would love your advice.

    1. Hello,
      Yes warranty is an issue and when buying something like the Fury Nano which is based on a newly developed technology plus you using it in a tight mITX build chances of things going wrong can be high.
      The Fury X is better option no doubt if you can get it locally since not only it will stay cool inside your build due to a liquid cooler but also the heat dissipated by it won't affect your other components increasing your cooling by manifold.
      The H60 would be just fine if mounted on the top panel, nothing to worry about that and one 140mm fan as top intake will be enough since your card and processor will be having a dedicated cooling system.
      Na, its alright I'm myself happy & interested in helping you with this build.

  6. Vishvesh, some updates.

    Ordered everything but the processor. Some items have reached me while some are in processing/transit.

    As advised, changed the GPU to the Fury X.

    Changed the PSU to the Corsair RM650X, after reading many good reviews about it.

    Ordered the Hynix SSD as well: will update you on how that goes.

    Regarding the CPU, given the increase in GPU cost. I figured I should go in for the Athlon series. Almost ordered the 860K, but then learned that the 880K is being launched. So waiting for it.

    This video gave me a lot of hope though:

    Thanks for everything man; keep the site rolling. I will update as and when things happen.

    1. Hello,
      Happy to hear that your build is coming up nicely.
      The PSU is great I've used it myself recently and the Hynix SSD won't disappoint you for sure. Will be waiting to hear back from you on both though.
      Yes the 880K is out and will reach india soon, had published its launch news a few days back.
      It's a fine alternative if you are on a budget I'd say. Still pairing it with a card like the Fury X might be unjust try to go for a FX series CPU if you can like the 8350 or the 8370 since they'll not bottleneck the GPU performance under any circumstances.
      The pleasure is all mine man, awaiting for your build eagerly.

  7. I honestly would love nothing more than to buy the FX 8370E, but the problem is that there are no mini-ITX AM3+ boards, and I want an mITX build. The plan right now is to use the 860K/880K till Zen is released, which would hopefully come with mITX boards. Will update then, and use the Athlon for a NAS/Secondary build.


    1. Yeah the motherboard availability is a hindrance.
      Great decision I'd say o have planned nicely for future use of your current purchase.
      Will update you if Zenith processors will have mITX boards or not in india.

  8. Hello, Vishvesh. An update: all components have been ordered and have reached me or are in transit.

    Went with the 860K. The Hynix SSD didn't pan out, and I opted for a 500 GB 850 EVO. Decided to throw in a 2 TB SATA HDD as well. Also, went with external ODD and Card Reader, and ordered the Cooler Master Thermal Paste you recently reviewed.

    Piece of advice to your readers: if ordering from abroad, go with NewEgg. May be slightly/moderately expensive, but definitely hassle-free.

    1. Hello,
      That's good news!
      I'm not surprised since the Sk Hynix SSD is unfortunately scantly available but the Evo 850 is a great pick nonetheless. All sounds good to me now with the additional storage of 2TB.
      The CM MasterGel is a damn good choice for this compact build, good going.
      True NewEgg India is available and the prices are almost the same as Indian sellers or marginally high in most cases I'd ordered my MSI R9 380 Gaming 4G from there only the moment it was launched in US.
      Looking forward to your complete build soon.

  9. Update: Graphics card (the final component) arrived today. That thing is a beast.

    Will update you how the build goes. Will mail.

    Cheers and thanks for all the assist.

    1. Formalities aside.......Yay!!! You got the Fury X and I'm both happy and jealous at the same time!
      On a serious note, congratulations for getting all the components of your choice I'm sure you'll end up with a magnificent build.
      Will wait for your mail or ping on Facebook.
      No need to thank me I'm happy to be of some assist in a great build like this.

  10. Hello Vishvesh. I assembled everything, and not everything went as planned.

    The radiator for the Fury X is very thick, and long. Same goes for the H60. The original idea was to house the H60 and a case fan as intakes on top, and the Fury X as the exhaust. Didn't pan out. So, I kept both the Fury X and the H60 as exhausts from the top. It is a very tight fit.

    More worryingly, I had to remove the 140 mm fan (which I had planned as an intake from the rear) as the fan was too thick. Temps are 60 degrees for the CPU in Prime95 and 60 degrees for the GPU in 1080p max settings for Homeworld - Deserts. Are these on the higher side? Room temperature is 33 degrees.

    Anyways, I have ordered a 140 mm slim case fan which should help with air flow into the case.

    Sorry haven't written in long: Internet's been down at my end, and hence the delay.

    1. Hi,
      Happy to hear back from you.
      Hmmmm not much of an issue since the temperatures you are getting are well within the normal range and these are without any intake fan working at present.
      Yes many people face this issue with liquid coolers since its a very tight case to build in, good move that you ordered a thin 140mm fan that will bring down the temperatures further.
      Make sure that the fan you've ordered has very high CFM value so that it can intake a lot of cool air since inside the case you have two 120mm fans sucking on to that air for cooling the their respective radiators. Also always keep the intake 140mm fan at its max RPM for best intake.

  11. Got the fan; given that I wanted a slim fan, not many choices. Went with this one (), and got it shipped from NewEgg. I have hooked it directly to the PSU, and hence the intake will always be running at full rpm. Temps have gone down by at least 10 degrees as a result. :)

    As for the pictures, I am not on Facebook, but am sharing these with you through GDrive.


    Ready PC:

    Let me know your views.


    1. This fan:


    2. Little choice but still you got a great deal on a great fan.....the its a high CFM fan and hence will cool way better than any normal-thick 140mm fan.
      Good move of hooking it directly to the PSU, its really hassle free that way.
      Nice! Your temperatures were already good and now you are just perfect nothing to worry about at all.
      Downloading them right now, would update you in a while.

    3. Went through the pics you've shared and must say its a very clean build for a mITX.
      Can you please share some pics of the complete build like from the insides of the case when you've installed the Fury X and the new fan.
      Also what's the exact keyboard and mouse model?
      And since I can see you are into music and all you might want to add some bling to the setup at-least in the form of LED fans to glow the case from the top and also an ambient LED strip at your desk's back. Just a suggestion from my side nothing more.

  12. Vishvesh, I got my system all buttoned up, and opening it is a 2-person job. Give me some time.

    The keyboard is Corsair K70. Mouse is Corsair Katar.

    The music system is my old Sony Hi-Fi. Showing it's age now.

    Not a fan of lights to be honest. Silent and Dark with necessary illumination is my style. ;)

    You have my word: will send you pics, the next time I open it up.

    Next upgrade for me: (1) 1440p Free-Sync Monitor, and (2) a good set of stereo bookshelf speakers. Reviews are welcome.

    1. I totally understand that, thought you'd clicked some more pics while installing your new fan etc.
      No worries will be eagerly waiting for them.
      Nice! So you are mind kind of a guy when it comes to PC interiors....
      You definitely should add these in your next upgrade, would try to get you a review for the monitor at-least and do let me know your budget for the speakers then maybe we can figure out something.

  13. Hello, Vishvesh. Have to put the monitor and speakers on hold. If I am buying something, I like it to be the best but can't afford now. I had zeroed in on the Acer X34CK (FreeSync), but couldn't find it anywhere. As for speakers, hadn't decided yet.

    Changing topics, what is your view on the Pascal and Polaris drama?

    1. No worries its always good to wait and then buy the best one you can. We'll decide upon the monitor and speakers whenever you have the budget ready.

      Pascal is good, infact great from whatever we are seeing so far but nothing can be said about its standalone status since the drivers aren't yet optimized, DX12 games are slowly rolling out and we still don't know if the Pascal architecture has managed to smooth out the rough patch that its predecessor had with DX12. Moreover third-party cards will be the real game changers and they are still to surface up.
      As for Polaris its promising but still all is in myths or on papers so the best bet right now is to wait and watch, Polaris initial stages tests will clear out the fog plus Pascal would reach maturity by then both in therms of performance and price.