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Sunday, 21 June 2015


Cooler Master CM Storm Swift-RX Mousepad Review and Specifications

Cooler Master recently launched their new gaming mouse pad Swift RX series in India and its such a pleasant surprise that I got mine dropped in my mailbox today for review even! That probably makes me its first owner and this the first review in India for the same *wink*
Yeah I know its not very exciting to review a mousepad but hey, all of us and I mean all of us need some surface to move our mouse around right so why not make it a good one.  The Swift-RX replaces their Speed-RX range of mouse pad, they are currently available in four different sizes made to suit various styles of gaming and other generic usage. They are:
  • Small 250x210mm (Too petite)
  • Medium 320x270mm (Just the right one)
  • Large 450x360mm (One for the enthusiasts)
  • Extra large 900x360mm (Yes I've not made a typing error!)

The one in this review is the medium sized Swift-RX.So lets look at the specifications and move further down with the review.


The CM Storm Swift RX comes in a cuboidal hard cardboard box packing with glimpses of the mousepad features, specifications and a funky description of the product occupying each side of the pack.

I personally loved the small patch of cloth intact on one side which is the exact same material with which the top side of the mousepad has been made out of. This makes it a great packing as one doesn't need to open the pack all the time to see and get the actual feel of the product.

Rest is simple and strong so I have no complaints from the packing at all what so ever.

Material and Design

The top of the CM Storm Swift-RX is made of cloth which is smooth and at the same time glossy. I personally like this as its rare to find a mouspad which has a glossy fabric surface keeping an elegant appeal intact.

It has a microscopic mesh which makes the use of both optical and laser mouse alike and smooth keeping precision and control in place. The mouse pad is 3mm in thickness and the edges are stitched in place with fabric.

This is a smart move as not only it prevents the mousepad to undergo any wear and tear by both wrist movements and multiple folding or rolling sessions especially in cases when one travels a lot but also prevents fraying during immersive gaming.

The bottom is plain textured rubber to increase traction so that it doesn't slip on your wood, mica or glass table amidst extensive gaming sessions.


I like to keep my mouse pads small as I rely more on high DPI of my mouse while playing games or even while using Photoshop or Office applications. I reckon I didn't use more than half of the ral estate offered by the CM Storm Swift-RX Medium sized mouse pad.

Putting it to test I used my Cooler Master CM Storm Octane Gaming Gear combo. Though the keyboard didn't had a role to play in this but I mentioned it as it sounds better that way!

The CM Storm Octane Mouse was set at 2000 DPI and I played a range of games like Crysis 3, Command and Conquer Kane's Wrath and even Dark Souls 2 covering almost all the genres in gaming.
The Octane Mouse slid and moved with precision or rather swiftly on the CM Storm Swift-RX. Not only the mouse lightweight and has good traction on the surface buts also when I coupled it with the shiny yet silky surface of the Swift-RX it was a pleasure to use in no matter which game I used it in.
People who like bumpy or painted texture surfaces might not like this product but then you can't satisfy everyone.

My Verdict

Cooler Master has definitely raised the bar with the CM Storm Swift-RX especially considering the lucrative $15 price tag. Just by looking at the box and by touching the mouse pad itself I could tell that it was made out of the best quality material available in the market and Cooler Master was serious to deliver performance rather than putting up a sham.
The stitched edges, rubberized bottom and microscopic mesh material on top makes the CM Storm Swift-RX a weapon to reckon with. I love the mouse pad not only because of its high quality build but the design is very straight forward and simple.

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