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Sunday, 10 May 2015


Gigabyte announces Intel Broadwell BIOS upgrade for Z97 and H97 motherboards

Last month, ASUS announced support for the upcoming Intel 5th Generation "Broadwell" processors, in their existing Z97 and H97 chipset boards. While hope is still out there for Z87 boards with the same LGA1150 socket, it's at least a step in the right direction, allowing us one last hurrah on an older chipset revision. It looks like GIGABYTE is also finally ready with BIOS revisions, ready to support the upcoming CPU refresh.

In order to receive support for the latest Broadwell processors, users only have to update their boards to the latest BIOS revisions, which should be available now. But if it isn't, expect it to roll out in the coming weeks, before the official launch of the new processors. For those thinking of upgrading to the latest CPUs, that means, make sure you hang on to your old chip, and do the flash, before selling it off to fund the upgrade. This also applies to anyone looking to pick up a good deal on a Z97 board, with the hope of upgrading to the latest chip. Flash it before you cash it, so you aren't stuck with a chip, but no salsa. That sounded funnier in my head.
To grab your GIGABYTE Broadwell update for your Z97/H97 board, head on over to the GIGABYTE website, look up your board model, and locate the latest BIOS. Or if you have the GIGABYTE update app installed, hit the update button.

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