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Saturday, 18 April 2015


Antec BP450PS 450W PSU Review and Benchmarks

A few days back I received the Antec BP450PS 450 watt PSU for review. Very much like the previous VP500PC that I'd reviewed this one comes from a family of budget Power Supply Units and is aimed at the ultra budget user who doesn't want to compromise on quality and need a stable performance from its system.
The unit looks quite well built and well packed with no fuss, apart from its long product name.
So lets take a quick look at the specifications along with its key features before we see what it really has to deliver off the paper.

The Specifications of the unit are quite impressive and seems promising. To highlight a few lets take a look at the Power Distribution and Key features on the BP450PS.

Power Distribution

Before we look at the key features the point worth noticing is that the combined output of both the 12V rails is 396W which is substantial share of the total 450W power promised by the PSU. This shows that it is ideal for heavy and power consuming components like any of the AMD FX series processors or the Radeon GPUs as now the key components in any computer work on the 12V rail and not on the 3.3V or 5V.

Dual 12V rails: The Antec BP450PS 450W PSU comes with a dual 12V power rail configuration and this is a very good safety feature when it comes to protecting your components like processor and graphic cards from any voltage fluctuation or over load. Its a very welcome step at this price point as it will give the user an extra layer of protection especially in India where the voltage does fluctuate many times a day.

Latest Standards: If you look at the label closely you see that the power output on the 12V rails ie 396W, is greater than that of the 3.3V and 5V combined which is just 115W. It indicates that it is based on the latest standards and technology of the PSU world. So Antec is not selling you an old PSU in a new casing. This is a brand new product and not a re-branded component from their storehouse.

6+2 PCI-e Connector: It comes with one 6+2 PCI-e Connectors which makes it an ideal unit for using with any of the latest mid to high range graphics cards. You can easily run a mid range graphic card that uses a 6 pin PCI-e or a 8 pin PCI-e connector making it an ideal choice for gamers who want sheer power and no hassle from their computers.

4+4 ATX12V Connector: This feature not only makes it ideal to be used with power hungry processing beasts like the AMD FX 8350 Octa-core processors but also with high end processors/motherboards that require a combined 4+4 ATX12V CPU connector also known as a 8-pin EPS12V connector.

4xSATA Connectors: This is a common in a 450W PSU but its worth mentioning over here as it is available at a very competitive price tag unlike other which cost double than the BP450PS. With this you can easily connect upto four HDD/SSD or a permutation and combination between storage drives and optical devices. This is plenty and you'll not have to worry about converting any of the peripheral connectors for powering your devices making it ideal for a mini home server PC as-well.
The unit is surely designed to utilize all the 500W and not just a sham rendering the user unable to run most of the components in absence of the appropriate connectors.

  • Has OCP protection
  • Comes with one 6+2 PCI-e Connector
  • New technology and not a re-branded unit


The Load Test

I always like to put every thing that I get for review through a load test so that we can know how good or how bad the unit actually is. So not going by the brand name and trusting the Continues power 450W logo on the pack I put the provided unit through a load test at varied levels of  loads.
I kept the PSU under 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% load to determine the actual output in real world tests and applications.
Each voltage rail's output was recorded under varied loads and the entire output was kept in the "Total" column.
The results, were quite impressive though

The Antec BP450PS passed with flying colors! Not only did all the rails delivered the promised outputs at varied loads but the total value was beyond my personal expectations from an ultra budget power supply unit. For example, at near 100% load the total wattage delivered was fascinatingly 448.9W which is minutely less than the promised 450W and obviously nothing is fully efficient so this is a great score.
Also during our test we witnessed a 74%-75% efficiency along with the PSU staying under 40 degree Celsius with the room temperature at around 36 degree Celsius showing that the 120mm quite fan does it work pretty well and yes it did not sound like a jet engine running, it was indeed cool and quite as promised by Antec.

My Verdict

The Antec BP450PS is roughly priced at Rs 2400 in India and is aimed at the ultra budget to budget users. With a continuous 450W output working with near 75% efficiency along with latest architecture and a dual 12V rail it is an ideal PSU for those looking at a decent and reliable power supply unit for their home. office or medium range gaming built. You can pair a powerful processor like the AMD FX 6300 and R7 250 1GB DDR5 GPU or an Intel i3 with a GTX 750ti and in some cases play wild and stretch the PSU to its limit with a GTX 960 if you are not using too many fans and HDD in your built.
I strongly recommend that Antec BP450PS to anyone who wants quality and has around Rs 2500 to shell in his pocket.

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  1. Is antec bp450ps better then corsair vs450 because both are in same price range, which one will be better to buy ?

    1. Yes the Antec BP450PS is a bit better in terms of compatibility and internal construction.
      You should try to get the VP series PSU from Antec if possible otherwise between these two the Antec BP450PS is much better.

  2. I think it does not come with power cable so any other 100-150rs power cable from amazon or my old psu will work with it ?

    1. Yes it doesn't come with a power cable but you can surely use any normal PSU cable with it. Even your old cable will work easily don't worry.

  3. So i am going to use my old (500rs) psu cable, will it be ok to use it?

    1. Sure it will be. Just make sure your old PSU was also a 450W or above unit so that the wire can hold up with that much power when the PSU is under full load.

  4. No it was just 300watt, can you provide me any link to cable at amazon,snapdeal,etc for the right cable for 450watts unit, it will be very helful.

    1. This cable will get the job done just fine:

      Just follow the link and see if the price etc suits you.

  5. Will antec bp450ps work fine with i5 4460+ gtx 960

    1. Yes it can handle these two easily just make sure you are not adding too many HDD or something else that requires a lot of power along with these two for safer and optimal functioning.

  6. I bought instead of corsiar vs450 .I will be using a gtx 760 on it

    1. Any 450W PSU is a bit less for a GTX 760 since the reference model itself comes with a 170W consumption on paper and a 500W recommended PSU.
      Can you tell me your full PC configuration & the exact model of the GTX 760 that you'll be using?