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Sunday, 13 April 2014


How to keep Laptop Dust Free

Heat is a big problem with all laptops! Overheat is the ultimate death sentence for a laptop. Very small, compact laptop casing with very limited air flow and cooling. Hard drives do not like heat, heat will shorten the life of your hard drive. I've seen many dust filled repair hungry laptops , 60% of the repairs end up as failed, bad hard drives in the laptop. Keeping backups of all important data at ALL times is critical with any computer, more so with a laptop. Hard drive can fail at any time. Using the laptop on your laptop blocks the bottom air vents off just sitting on your legs. Manufactures mention nothing about this in there manuals you receive either.
Here is a short handy guide that you should follow to keep your laptop dust free and your precious data intact.

Ways to help limit internal dust build up with a laptop:
  • Do not use the laptop on your bed, blanket, couch, or carpet. The cool air intake event on the laptop is on the bottom. Debris, dust, hair, lint has a direct line into your laptop. Bed or blanket type material will conform to the laptop bottom base which will suffocate this intake vent. Laptop running hotter, and overheat zone.
  • Clean the desktop or table area often where you use the laptop.
  • With the laptop OFF blast the exhaust vent with a compress air from air can or an air blower.
  • Cooling, use a USB laptop fan cooler, this is a must with all laptops!
Laptops only have one main cool air intake vent, you really cannot or should put a filter on this vent for the laptop needs all the air it can get. All you can do is follow the tips listed above.
Any addition or suggestion to the above points is welcomed and as always feel free to ask any query regarding the same.

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