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Friday, 14 February 2014


How to increase Computer Performance without any software

When we buy new computer or Laptop, then it works lightning fast with great speed. All the processes take no time to be performed, but as the time passes by, when you install many programs on your OS, then suddenly you feel some lag in computer and it takes longer to process things as compared to before. As your PC slows down, you would then be looking for some tips for making your laptop or PC runs faster.
So here are some tips to speed up or optimize your computer. This a very easy tutorial about optimizing your computer, especially the one running on Windows OS, with 10 easy tips, tricks and steps.

1: Use Performance troubleshooter regularly

Performance troubleshooter might help you as it automaticaly finds and fix the common errors for you. You can do it so by following simple steps.
Open the Performance troubleshooter in the Start , then Control Panel then troubleshooter, and then click Troubleshooting. Under System and Security, click Check for performance issues.

2: Delete unwanted Programs

As you know, pc will slow down if you put much load on it. The load will be produced automatically when you install many programs. Therefore you should try cleaning or deleting those programs which you don’t use.

3: Limit Startup Programs

When you start your pc, then it takes some time to start all the programs and services that you installed. If you installed so many services, so then it will take more time in startup, So you should limit your programs at startup. You can manage startup program by using System Configuration Tool. this is highly recommended for people who are running old processors or have less amount of RAM installed.

4: Hard Disk Defragmentation

When your hard disk get fragmented, then it takes more time in processing data. Therefore it slows down pc’s performance. User Disk Defragmentation Tool to Defragment harddisk, which rearrange data in standard format and makes your pc work faster.

5: Clean Unnecessary Files

You should Delete unnecessary data and files from your computer in order to keep your pc optimized.

6: Run less number of Programs at once

To keep your Computer running faster always, you should run less number of programs or services at a time. If you run many programs, then it will slows down the working of your computer. Recommended for systems running on single or dual core processors.

7: Turning off Visual Effects

If your system is working slowly then you should give turning off visual effects a try. As it will help a lot in processing the programs by freeing a large amount of RAM memory.
To adjust all visual effects for best performance:
1.    Right Click on My Computer, Go to properties, And then Click on Advanced Setting Tab.
2.    Click Adjust visual effects.
3.    Click the Visual Effects tab, click Adjust for best performance, and then click OK
8: Restarting your Computer regularly:
You should restart your computer or completely shut it down regularly once in a day or two, as it closes down all running processes and makes your pc take a deep breath after a long hardworking day.

9: Increasing RAM Value

The most important of all the things, if your pc is really slow then you should go for increasing your Random Access Memory Value. This will give you a boost in your pc’s performance. Buy standard brabd RAM modules like Kingston, Corsair or RipJaw.

10: Use of Antivirus

If your Computer is working slowly, then there is a chance that your files might be infected with virus or spyware. Make sure you have installed a fine Antivirus Program in your computer and also it should be kept up-to-date. If you want a free anti-virus program then follow this link.

At last, after trying all the above tricks if you still don’t get any significant difference in your system’s speed, then you should either go for a new PC or laptop (upgradation included) or consider downgrading your OS or installed programs, as there is no other way.
Hope this will work for you and as always feel free to leave anything that you want to add to this article or a query regarding the same in the comment box.

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