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Saturday, 21 September 2013


How to Access Blocked Sites

Most of the people face this problem on their offices and colleges to open websites which are blocked by the management.
In many colleges,offices the management block some websites which are related to social network and entertainment.Like Facebook,YouTube, Twitter etc. In some offices they don’t allow any type of websites to access within their network. Because they feel workers and students waste maximum time on these websites. It is true but in some cases not because some of the students try to learn new things from YouTube. Reasons are whatever it may be here is the solution to this problem

Here I provide some best working methods to access blocked websites.

1. Proxy Websites

Proxy servers are useful to access to access any website blocked by the management.This is the one of the best method to access any website.Proxy server works as a mediator between you and website what you want to browse.After typing the address on these proxy servers it takes your request and redirects the page to the desired website.

The process of accessing website via proxy server is simple,just type the address of website you want to browse.

Some Working Proxy Servers:

2. Open Websites in Opera Simulator

Yes opera gives an option to test their mobile browser before install it on our mobile.We use that feature to access our favorite websites on restricted networks.

How to Open Blocked websites using Opera mini simulator?

1. First open the below link in web browser

2. It needs java plugin to run this simulator.If java is already installed on your pc then you can directly access websites.

3. Click on OK button to start the opera mini simulator

4. Now it launches opera mini simulator,type the website you want to surf and click on Go button.

3. Use Tor Browser 

Tor browser is mainly developed for the anonymous browsing,we use it for open blocked websites.It is available as a portable version so you cannot need to install it on pc.Tor browser is made of with Firefox source code and implemented by few anonymous proxy servers.

How to Use Tor browser to open Blocked websites?

1. First download the tor browser zip file from the below link
Download Tor Browser

2. Now double click on the downloaded exe file to extract it into your pc.

3. Now open tor browser folder and click on “start tor browser”simply then it starts the browser and show the status in its control panel.

4. After that it opens the Tor browser which looks like a Firefox browser with a congratulations message

5. That’s it now you can access any website without any problem

So these are the sure shot methods which works perfectly on every windows PC without any problem. If you face any problem during usage of these methods or know of any other method except for these then kindly leave a comment.

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  1. You could try to use PN service . The easiest way to change your IP automatically and surf the internet freely with anonymous IP. It looks great so far. 

    1. thank you for your suggestions, i'll see to it and include this in the list as-well after proper testings.
      till then keep visiting.