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Saturday, 20 July 2013


AMD FX 9590 vs Intel i7 4770K

Recently at E3 AMD launched its latest and the world's fastest processor the AMD FX 9590 which is a clock beast with a base frequency of 5ghz, the highest score achieved by any processor built so far! Its still based on Vishera Piledriver architecture but has definitely brought its competitors on their heels and giving them a run for their money, as the AMD FX 9590 is the first commercially available 5GHz CPU.
This took the Computer industry by storm leaving the enthusiast Gamers scratching their heads to which one to go for for better performance as the recent advent of games like Crysis3 that sucked out all the cores available by a processor created a demand for drastic improvements in many people's rigs.
The answer to this from Intel has been nothing leaving the only worthy competitor to the 9590, the Intel i7 4770K. Why are we comparing these:
  • The Intel i7 4770K is the only main stream top notch desktop processor from Intel that can be put up against the AMD FX 9590 as the Intel 3960X is not something that you can use on a dialy basis leave alone the Xeon series.
  • Where AMD has not worked on the their typical high power consumption areas and answered with a very high clock speed, Intel with its still the latest 4770K has focused on lower power consumption and improved graphics.
  • Last the Intel i7 4770K is the only processor that AMD could not beat in performance with the Bulldozer or the Piledriver series top level processors, even the FX 8350 could only beat it in some fields and not came out a clear winner with its whooping 8-cores! So the AMD FX 9590 maybe the final answer.
So lets take a closer look to these pentacle of processing technology and see that which one is the best for you. 
These are the latest stats releases by the companies respectively, you can clearly see that the AMD FX 9590 is a heck more powerful processor than the Intel i7 4770K but but but.....hold on did you notice the TDp of the 9590 its a gargantuan 220WTDP!! thats a hell lot of electricity consumed. I'll get back o that later in this article but lets just take a deeper look into the other specifications of these hardwares.

Advantages of AMD FX 9590:

  • More CPU cores on the AMD FX-9590 help to process multiple tasks or heavily multi-threaded programs.
  • Operating frequency of the FX-9590 microprocessor is higher than the frequency of the Core i7-4770K CPU.
  • FMA4 and XOP instructions are enabled on this microprocessor. These extensions are not widely used by applications yet, however their support should improve in future programs.

Advantages of Intel i7 4770K:

  • The Core i7-4770K includes AVX2 instructions, that were introduced in modern CPUs not too far ago. These extensions are not broadly used in applications yet, but this should improve in future apps.
  • The processor features on-chip HD 4600 GPU. This graphics is not powerful enough to run latest games with all settings on, however it can be used for casual gaming and 3D applications.
  • The i7-4770K is 62% more energy efficient.

My Verdict:

I guess there is very less left to say now, the price of the FX9590 is way above then that of i7 4770K, the market experts say that it would come down but as of now it is over-priced plus the magnanimous power demands of the 9590 makes it another sore in the eyes. I mean be honest for a 220W TDP processor you will not only have to have a minimum of 750W PSU but also a very good cooling system if not the expensive liquid coolers, making it another add on expense for those who reply on gaming performance from just a good CPU and  GPU with not a fortune to spend on other stuff like big PSUs and Liquid Coolers.
There are rumors that as the new gen gaming consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One have AMD Jaguar processors along with AMD Radeon GPUs inside it will favor the AMD side of hardwares more but thats a total misconception as console games are differently built and are re-built for PCs again so its just talks and no fact. Although AMD has been quite a lot active in bringing in 'custom supports' from big gaming titles like Battlefield 4 etc but that doesn't mean that you buy a processor that may require you to rob a bank for!
I say that we should wait and for all those who want to buy a AMD processor can go for the AMD FX 8350 which is just 19% slower than the FX 9590 but 76% energy efficient, and obviouly a hell lot cheaper than not only the 9590 but even the i7 4770K, making it the best choice so far, even it can beat the i7 in many places including games courtesy to its superior architecture and octa-core structure. Its future proof as its on the same AM3+ socket type that will be supported by the upcoming Steam-roller series as well as the Excavator series hopefully.
If you are not a hardcore AMD fan and have a good budget then definitely go for the Intel i7 4770K as its not only energy efficient but requires you to spend less on cooling features etc saving you money for other hardwares like a good GPU and Mobo. Not only this but the mere advantage that the 9590 has of a superior processing power over the 4770K is nullified by the fact that most applications don't need that much of a processing power and you only need to be a lunatic to take your processor up there!

So that was all that I'd to say for now, I'll keep updating this article as and when any new development takes place on the AMD side. If you have any more points to add please leave a comment and feel free to ask anything regarding the same.

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  1. i7-4770K: 4 cores, 8 threads, thus hyperthreading.
    FX-9590: 8 cores, 8 threads, so *NO* hyperthreading

    1. Yes the FX 9590 doesn't have a hyper-threading option.
      This article was published in the wake of the release of the FX 9590 hence a few errors were there thank you for pointing out this one in the picture.
      I've made the needful adjustments.

  2. Somebody switched the price tags shown in the picture. The 9590 costs less than the i7...

    1. Thank you for pointing out. This is the article of the time when the FX 9590 had just launched with a price tag of $900.
      Will correct it soon.