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Sunday, 2 June 2013


Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse Under Rs 2000

<Updated 18 May 2017> Recently I've noticed that I forgot to update this list and still it's quite a lot in demand so here it is the updated version of the top five gaming mouse under ₹2000 in India 2017. Where a regular optical mouse can cost only 300 – 400 Rs a good gaming mouse can cost you upto a min of Rs 4000-5000 because of the complexity, features and quality involved in a gaming grade mouse. A gaming mouse is must for a gamer as a regular mouse cannot provide you the speed, accuracy and comfort that a gaming mouse can give you.
So keeping in mind the demand of the time here is a list of the top 5 best Gaming Mouse available in the Market under Rs 2000! The list in not in a particular order and I've tried to keep the list as competitive as possible so as to include all the important features in this tight budget range:

Logitech G102 Prodigy: Rs 1600

A cheaper version of the G Pro but nothing less than that in terms of performance and even aesthetics at times. The G102 Prodigy comes with 1.6 million RGB lighting colors and buttons rated for a 10 million click cycle. The DPI range is 200-6000 all changeable through a on the fly DPI switch and easily customizable through the Logitech Gaming Software. Since the mouse has a 32-bit ARM processor at heart so you can expect lag free performance both in terms of DPI switching aswell as the lighting schemes.

Logitech G300 Gaming Mouse: Rs 1599

It is a mid range gaming mouse and has a sculpted ambidextrous shape and easy to find controls. It is equipped with a 2500 dpi optical sensor and has got nine programmable buttons. The onboard memory profile feature allows you to program up to three profiles for individual players or games (keyboard macros and dpi settings), so you can play your way on other PC. The unique design of the mouse not only makes it very comfortable in hand but is also ambidextrous!

Thermaltake Talon X Gaming Gear Combo: Rs 2055

Coming in from Ttesports by Thermaltake the Talon X is a neat combo of a gaming mouse and a mousepad. The mouse is equipped with a Pixart Avago 3050 optical sensor giving it a maximum of 3200DPI and Omron switches rated for 10 million clicks which is not at all bad. The mousepad called Dasher is also decent and is best suited for speed style of gaming such as FPS and is neither too big nor too small.
Additional features include RGB support and ambidextrous design o suite every type of user.

SteelSeries Rival 100: Rs 2000

This is probably the best mouse that SteelSeries ever came up with in this price range. The Rival 100 is not only custom tailored for eSports but is extremely competitive in terms of pricing and performance with upto 4000DPI and a 3059-SS optical sensor custom made for this mouse itself. The buttons are rated for 30 million clicks and can be cutomized through the SteelSeries engine for a personal touch. A great thing about the products is its availability in seven different colors to suit anyone's taste.

Logitech G402: Rs 1732

A delight for the gamers in this tight category, with a DPI range of 240-4000 and a 1milisecond response time you just need the right skills to challenge even the mightiest of gaming mouse owners out there during a gaming session. It comes with 8 programmable buttons making it suitable for RPG games aswell and 32 bit ARM processor built in allows to change the settings on the go or on the fly as the company calls it. Buy it here

Dragon War Thor: Rs 750


The Dragon War Thor is quite like the Thor's hammer itself, by that I'm not referring to its flashy looks but its bang on performance per buck! With 7 programmable buttons you can use it for a variety of games ranging from FPS to Real time Strategy. With a discrete Turbo Fire button you won't missa shot in games like CS!  Its ergonomically designed to fit in every palm no matter if you are a right hand or left hand user. 800 - 3200 dpi Sensor makes it a worthy competitor in this segment

Corsair Harpoon RGB: Rs 2000

A latest addition to the market and to this list the Corsair Harpoon RGB mouse. Having a Pixart PMW3320 at heart gives it a massive 6000DPI range which is not only switchable but is also programmable as per need through the CUE software. Its really solid build and has a RGB illuminated logo at the back with different colors and patterns possible. The biggest advantage of the mouse lies in its onboard memory which allows one to carry their customized settings and profiles to anywhere-any place without the need of the driver on every system.

This was the list of the best top 5 Gaming Mice under Rs 2000 available in the market today, if you have any more suggestions apart from these them please let me know. As always if you have any queries or want to add another mouse to this list that I might've missed then do drop in a comment below.

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  1. Hi Vishvesh,
    I am in search of Good Gaming Mouse under 1500INR. I play Counter Strike 1.6 the most, and I'm searching for the mouse that can quench my thirst for getting good performance while Playing Counter Strike.

    I also need a good GamePad under 650INR, which can be helpful for awping and playing with m4a1 or ak47.

    Please Give me a good suggestion, and don't recommend me more than two sets, otherwise I may get consfuse.

    Here is what my desire:

    -> Best for playing CS1.6
    -> Best design, and suits my palm easily. I am of age 15+, so you can imagine my hand size.
    -> A good DPI that is best for CS.

    Please provide me with the best deal prices available on the Internet, and can be shipped to this pincode: 831015. I won't mind affiliate links :D , but me quick or I may get it from anywhere.

    Thanks. Please do reply ASAP.

    1. Hello,
      For your requirements I'd suggest two options as I don't know if you rely on high DPI setting or not so I'll recommend two mouse pads that have their own advantages:
      If you are a high DPI user then buy the Razer Goliathus Control Edition, the link to which is:

      If you play on moderate to less than 2200 DPI then buy the Steelseries Qck Mousepad or the Cooler Master RX Mouse Pad
      The links to them are: and

      For the mouse I have my personal favorite in the category which doesn't leave any stone unturned and should be your first choice aswell, the Logitech G300 gaming mouse which is available here for around 1400/-

      Feel free to ask any further questions.

    2. Thanks for Replying me fast,

      But I am sorry to inform you that all the flipkart links you provided me above is either not in stock or not available right now in my location(i.e. the Pincode that I provided above).

      I also wanted to know about the DragonWar G9 Thor ( ) on your post above. I am getting this for 1000INR from PayTM, I had a doubt regarding the durability of the Dragon War G9 Mouse. Some of my friends are saying that Dragonwar mouse doesn't last longer, not even more that 8 months. But they say me that Dragonwar provides good quality GamePad, (which is free with DragonWar G9 Mouse Set.)

      So, will I purchase this Dragon War G9 Thor Mouse, which provides me with a free MousePad OR Not? Will it last longer and will server me of good quality and performance while playing CS 1.6 and CS GO?

      It is available in INR 1300 from amazon ( ), and for 1000INR from PayTM, both provides me with free delivery on my pincode within 10-12 days. If DW-G9 is good then which e-commerce to opt for purchasing online? In Flipkart it is not available at my location, but however available in eBay and ShopClues.

      So, if you enlighten me the fact then it will be good of yours. However I am thankful for you for replying me fast and will be even more thankful If you do solve this question fast.

      At Last I wanted to give you a free tip related to affiliate (I too am a keen Affiliate Marketer, so this might help you):
      I suggest you that you must opt for Amazon for affiliate marketing aside with Flipkart, because Amazon affiliate program is cool. Although you may get higher percent of sales in flipkart when compared to amazon but, one thing amazon provide is good and that is suppose, you affiliated me a link of Logitech G400 mouse to amazon, but when I went to that site, I instead of ordering G400 bought G300 or something else from that open Tab in my browser, or say I bought a TV Set from the affliliate link of yours Logitech G400 mouse, then you will be paid the shares of the TV set that I bought from your link, and that's amazing. Also, say that I closes the tab and I bought at evening from amazon that mouse you affiliated, then also you will be paid shares, and that is not available in Flipkart. And in Amazon, almost all the product are available at the pincode of the customers, whereas it is sometimes not available in the location or out of stock for the customer, just as in my case.

      Ok, that was just a tip. In return of that tip, please solve my each questions I had asked above.

      Hope you don't mind,
      Please Reply ASAP as you did,


    3. Hello,
      Sorry for the late reply blogger had some technical glitch lately so comments weren't visible properly.
      Thanks for your advice but I was already aware of that moreover I give my advice and support for free so you don't have to offer me tips in return for what ever I help you out with. Though any advice at random from my readers are more than appreciated.
      As for your question the Dragonwar ELE-G9 Thor is not a bad deal if you are not looking for performance that matches with the spec sheet as the mouse is good and gets the job done but doesn't perform as promised. The DPI enlisted don't really feel like 3200 if used on full settings, I'm saying that coz I myself have tried the mouse and know what a 3200 DPI is courtesy to my Razer Taipan.
      For CS it is a good mouse and yes the mousepad that comes along is durable enough though not as good as any of the Razer, Steelseries or CM pads but its free and as for that its a brilliant piece of accessory.
      I recommend that you buy it if you plan to use it only for gaming and don't have very small hands as the design isn't very ergonomically perfect. It will last you for over an year easily considering you play CS for one to two hours a day tops without smashing the buttons in knife battles obviously especially the side ones which are not very durable.
      But I still suggest that you get the Logitech one if you want a long lasting and more customizable mouse in that price range.
      Get it from Amazon or eBay as I trust them more than any other site and have good track record aswell.
      Feel free to ask any further questions.

  2. Need budget is around 2500rs and i an confused which mouse to buy Logitech G 402 / Logitech G 302.
    I manly play cs.
    or else you have a good suggestion plz suggest quickly.

    1. Pardon me for the late reply since I was out of station.
      The G 402 is what I'll recommend out if the two simply coz of its superior build quality and ergonomically perfect design.
      I've used it myself so I've no doubt regarding its performance.

  3. Hey, i just picked up a lenovo y700... i wanted to pick up a nice mouse as well... is there any particular one with a dpi clutch instead of a button/s and preferably not one which is too expensive ...

    1. Hello,
      Happy to know about your new purchase.
      Well the DPI Clutch function or anything that can give you a willful temporary DPI adjustment is only available in the Razer Ouroboros others really don't have that function or are mostly buggy. You can try the Razer Mamba Tournament edition, Razer Deathadder or the Mad Catz Rat are a great option in a tight price range with good DPI switch functionality.

  4. I have recently bought the Dragon war g7 for 1225(snapdeal). This mouse is just awesome for that orice. 3200 dpi. Free software 6 customizable buttons. Happy with what I got

    1. Dragon War G7 and Dragon war Thor are two very competent gaming mouse for the price range!
      Congrats for your new purchase, do share anything else about it if you feel like.

  5. hey,
    i liked your post and i really like to buy steelseries 100 and i want it particularly for CSGO. Is it okay for it or i should get another one,
    thank you

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for liking the post.
      For games like CS:GO the Rival 100 is the best option as per me, a few of my friends use it aswell.
      Its perfectly sized and weighs just right. Go for it without any second thoughts.

    2. Hey Parth have you bought Rival 100. How is it?

  6. Hey Vishvesh Mishra, I play CS:GO and CS 1.6 a lot and I am looking to buy either G300s or SS Rival 100. Since Rival is released in 2015 is it still better than G300s. I am not looking for extra button just for great mouse with precision

    1. Hello,
      If games like CS:Go is your prime motive of buying a mouse than the SteelSeries Rival 100 is the undoubtedly better mouse between the two. The mouse is tailor made for eSports and has a great grip and performance to it.
      I recommend that you get the SS Rival 100 only.

  7. So, I bought Rival 100 for Rs. 2100. I have not used G300s so I do not know how good that mice is, but thing is Rival 100 is a mouse for me. It has nice comfortable size and shape which suits gaming for long hours i just had 5 hrs gaming session with it.

    One problem I faced not with mouse but window setting. Even after disable mouse acceleration there was some acceleration problem and it is fixed with Marc Mouse fix.

    Overall this mouse great and if you play game like CS:GO and CS 1.6 you should go for it.

    1. Happy to hear that you are happy with your purchase.
      If you find the Rival 100 perfect for your use and grip style then its a great deal for you since most people find the grip a problem due to large hands at times.

  8. Logitech G402 is 2700+ in Amazon. There is nowhere to find with that price

    1. Hello,
      Yes this article was written a few months back pre GST so the prices have changed now.
      Will update the price here soon

  9. Any idea which would be the best for Rainbow Six Siege? Need programmable buttons as well as DPI settings, along with a decent mouse pad. Have a budget of ₹2000.

    1. Hello,
      Well I recommend that you get the Corsair harpoon or the Logitech G102 Prodigy since both are well designed and comfortable with a great response time and accurate sensors.

  10. I have jst bought hp power pavilion suggest me best mouse for that under 2500inr

    1. Well I suggest you get the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury as that's the best mouse in that price category for exactly Rs 2500 or else you can get the Corsair Harpoon RGB as it offers a good balance of features at a good price point.