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Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Softwares to Track Your Lost Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones

Stealing of Mobile phones and Laptops has become a common phenomenon these days. Not only does it affect a person emotionally but also in many materialistic ways as these devices have become the life-lines of today’s complicated lifestyles and store in them our precious contacts, photographs and even work schedules along with various social networking sites user names and passwords. But tracking these devices once stolen or misplaced is an equally easy task courtesy to the growing technology. Here is a list of a few free as well as paid softwares, in different devices and OS categories that once installed in your device would look after everything once their services are needed and called for.


Locate My Laptop:

On Locatemylaptop you can register any PC or Laptop, after registration you’ll get a file that you need to install on your device. It works in stealth mode and stays hidden all the time in the background of your system. Once there is an internet connection in your device it will send out its location on Google Maps. The free version only supports the tracking facility but the paid version which is for $3 or approx Rs 165 per month entitles you with extra functions like Free Space Delete, Remotely Data Wipe-off and Safe IP List.
Download it from


From the house of Norton the famous Anti-virus developing company, this product named as Anti-Theft can help you locate your lost laptop. It’s a paid software which enables the user to install it on three different device simultaneously. With this you can not only locate your device but it has features like Remote Lock and Lost notification making it a simple yet effective software. It has a very cool feature called Sneak-Peak which can take the photograph of the user via the web cam can send it to the original owner by mail.
Download it from

Gadget Track:

The biggest USP of this application is its availability to both Windows as well as Mac users. The user needs to register himself on the relevant website and get the application. It’s a paid only software which would cost you $20 annually. Its best feature is the ability to track the device location by latitude and longitude based WiFi location. It even has the show on google map and sneak peak option inbuilt just like Anti-Theft.
Download it from

Front Door:

Its key features include that when your laptop is lost or stolen it gives a stolen alert display, remote lockdown, audible presentational alert, custom messages display and geo location tracking. Available both in paid and free version, the free version includes all the above functions except the geo tracking system. The paid version costs Rs 1650 for a three years subscription.
Download it from

Lock It Tight:

All its basic functions are free which includes that it can only be installed on a single device and in case of a theft the user can use the geo location tracking, clipboard logging, browser history logging, remote file display, remote file retrieval, screen shots, web cam capturing, key logging and file tracking.
Download it from


Prey Project:

Initially started as a developmental project for Windows it grew out to be a multi-platform multi-purpose software. It supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu, Android and iOS making it the most versatile application in and even out of this list. You can send a SMS on your lost device via a command on the internet, take screen shots and even hide your files without even letting someone know about it. You can install it on a tablet as well as a laptop.
Download it from


iOS Users

Find My iPhone:

You can easily activate this feature on your device by logging in to the iCloud services. It supports iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Log in to the iCloud website with your device ID and Password, enlist your device and you are good to go. It informs you about the location of your lost device and you can even lock your Phone if you want via this service.

Android Users

Samsung Dive:

Just like the find my mac service Samsung uses this service for all its Android based Samsung devices. Just log in to the Samsung account when you buy a Samsung device and register your product. You can go to the Samsung dive website and track the location of your cell phone as well as lock it down if you want.
Download it from

Android Lost:

If you are using Android Lost then you have features like remote lock (GPS), erasing data from SD cards and can remotely control the camera of your phone. This way you can use the front and back camera to take pictures of the surroundings, if the SIM card is changed then the phones starts giving a sharp alert beep and you are notified by an email on your pre-registered email ID. Also you can send a pop up message of the device being stolen on the mobile screen.
Download it from

Windows Phone Users

Windows Phone:

If you are a Windows Phone User then you can use the pre-installed feature of the phone called Find My Phone. Go to settings and enable this feature from your phone itself. Though this feature drains the battery a bit quickly but its still worth it. In case you lose your phone just log in on the Windows website with your Windows Live ID and you can easily see the location of your device on the Map.
Refer to the site

Blackberry Users

Blackberry Protect:

This application can be downloaded from the Blackberry App World. RIM has already installed a free anti-theft feature in their Blackberry hand held devices called Blackberry Protect. You can use this feature to track any blackberry device by logging in with your Blackberry ID and get its location on the map, make it ring remotely and even lock down the whole device.
Refer to the site

So these were a few softwares to help you track and retrieve your lost laptops, tablets, cell phones etc. If you know any more of sch kinds please inform me about them I'll make sure to include them even. As always leave your comments, queries and suggestions below.

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