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Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Set top box Replacements

So you dont want to shell out that extra money for installing set top box at your home. Here are a few gadgets that can do the work of set top box and if you own one, you may not need to get a set top box.

1. Apple TV: Rs.8000

Mac users might want to take a look at Apple TV, the company's own smart TV box. It can run all the apps you'd expect it to, like Netflix and iGen TV. You can also wirelessly mirror your computer's or iPad's display to turn your TV into a giant  monitor. Great for those who dont have a HDMI port in their PC.

2. Playstation 3: Rs. 22000

Yes it runs great games but the PS3 also offers an integrated movie store and apps to run yourdigital files. It also supports Netflix and Hulu apps for TV streaming and converting your television in to a full fledged entertainment center.

3. Microsoft XBOX 360: Rs. 15000

Microsoft's own gaming console offers plenty of the same functionality you'd expect- run apps, play movie files and ofcourse play games.Buy music and movies in Microsoft's own media store, play games with friends via XBOX Live and run Netflix apps to watch TV.

4. Boxee TV: Rs. 6000

You dont need cable TV to have acess to smart TV functionality. Boxee TV works with over air signals. youtube and Netflix. THrow in the fact that its also a DVR with unlimited storage, so you never need to delete a file or a series. But you need to shell out some extra money every month for the DVR capability.

5. Aereo

Though its not a physical device but it deserves mentioning. Although Aereo is available in New York City area only, it will set you up over capturing live over the air signals on your tablet. Watch TV even when you're recording something on another channel.

So, try one of these as a replacement to your set top box and enjoy the idiot box. hope that this article was helpful. please feel free to give any suggestions or pop up any queries.

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  1. firstly i wud like to tel dat i olrdy own a set top box n secondly buyin dese gadgets so dat we dont hv to instal a set top box in really an xpensive option bcoz a STB costs just 1200/- whcih is cheaper as compared to d price list above :)

    1. Firstly, its already been mentioned in the very first line of the article that if you already own one of these gadgets then you may use them as a replacement, so i'm not saying that you buy them. Secondly, a settop box just lets you watch TV whereas these things allow you to have extra features like gaming, net acess and smart TV apps.
      Hope that my reply was satisfactory.