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Friday, 17 May 2013


The need of a Graphic Card in a PC

A lot of people don't know much about Graphic Cards & their importance in a Computer and usually settle for an integrated GPU. Especially in India it is considered as a Gaming accessory and not a necessity. I do not why they buy high end processors and do not invest in even an entry level graphics card. Without it you will not get the maximum performance from your PC even if you are running a high end processor with lots of RAM, forget about High-end games, cannot run heavy graphics intensive applications, and cannot play HD movies smoothly. You will be surprised to know that even an entry level graphics card can outperform any onboard integrated graphics by a decent margin. Nvidia, ATI, HIS and Supphire are the in the world.
major Graphics Card manufacturer companies
Advantages of having a Graphic Card in your PC:
  • As it would be an external unit, it will atke off the load from your processor hence making it work much faster.
  • You can play games at decent frame rates, though it may vary in accordance with the entry level graphic card that you choose as they suffer from lagging issues on high-end games.
  • 3D intensive applications such as autocad, photoshop, corel etc or playing HD movies will run smoothly.
  •  Your computer will use lesser RAM as graphics card have their own memory for performing their tasks.

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  1. gr88 boss !!
    actually i knw all of demm...
    but dare r too manyy who dont ...
    gr88 wrkk buddie !!

    1. its obviously for those who are not aware of this fact.
      thank you for stopping by :)

  2. i am a total newbie and dont know anything about graphics card.
    Please tell me, do graphics card replace mainboard of a pc? Sorry, i think i may look like a fool but i am so damn confused

  3. Don't be embarrassed I've been through your stage so.....cheer up
    No they don't a graphic card is an add on to your PC just to enhance the graphic processing and help you get a better visual experience like playing High definition Movies and play advance games.
    Its just like a card that you plug into your Motherboard like RAM,Processor etc.
    Please feel free to ask any further questions.

  4. thanks...:)
    i have a query, i have gigabyte g41mt s2pt mainboard, and i wAnna buy a graphic card of not more than 2500, i just play games occasionally, so i was thinking of buying Ati radeon hd 5450 graphic card as it is light on the pocket and its nearly 2100 only on flipkrt, Are there any omore options in this range ?, also, i wanna add that my monitor has max resolution of 1366x768, ...pls suggest a good one...thanx again for answering my last query...:)

    1. For this budget the Radeon HD 5450 would be the best option though a bit old now but it's suitable for the budget that you have.
      If you can stretch your budget by just 200/- more than you can get a Gainward NVIDIA 2GB DDR3 GT610 2 GB DDR3 its not a very good card either but has a 2GB of memory that will help your system perform better and faster.
      If you have any more questions, then feel free to ask.

  5. thnk you soo much for your reply, that solves my problem, u are now my dictionary about pcs, and yes i follow you on twitter also, i think you should do publicity of your blog there, its the most sorted and yet the informative blog i've seen and i also think that looking at the quality of your blog ,it would not require much hardwork, ppl will know about it anyway or you can publicize on fb, fb is the place you got to do it, your blog in my view, deserves the spotlight

    1. I'm happy that I was able to help you out with your problem, the sole purpose of this blog is to aware people of what is best for them and whats not.
      Thank you for such generous words I'll make sure that I keep posting many more articles to match your needs and requirements.
      Keep visiting.

  6. Sir, I was viewing the specs of gainward graphic card you had suggested, I noticed that its power requirement was 300W, So I quickly checked the back of my SMPS and came to know that no value on it has been written in "W" , so I'm wondering how will I come to know that Power supply of the card is fulfilled by my presnt pc components?

    1. First, the 300W requirement by the Graphic Card is the max power that it will withdraw so you don't need to think about it its build to be used by the day-to-day PCs and Power Supplies that we have in India ie 250W PSU/SMPS.
      Second, The back of the SMPS displays the value of Current and not the wattage, so you'll not be able to determine the Power of the PSU that way, you need to open up your cabinet and see whats written on the side of the SMPS....but if you have a normal cabinet with a stock SMPS that came along with it then I'm quite sure that it would be a 250W supply.

      Don't hesitate to install the card in your rig, its a normal card with normal power requirements.
      Just in case if you want to know the max power that your system needs just visit this article and the link in the end
      It will clear all your doubts hopefully.
      Do ask any further questions if you have any.

  7. hey sir, i havent bought a graphics card yet but today i saw on flipkart that Amd/ati radeon hd6450 is also available at Rs 2665(1 GB) , is it better than Nvidia geforce gt 610( 1 GB)
    Thanks in advance..:)

    1. Both cards are almost equal, though one holds a little advantage over the other.
      The 610 has a lot of heating issues whereas the 6450 is optimized to work on low voltages and has a wider design to help it stay cool, also its optimized to run with an AMD processor so if you have a AMD machine then buy the 6450 without a doubt.
      All in all the 6450 is a better option for you.
      Any further questions are welcome.

  8. Another query from my side,
    How important is a fan for grafix card as the amd 6450 model i was talking about is available withouta fan.
    Moreover, I have two fans in my cabinet, one for processor and another one is of the cabinet itself.
    Would it be of any help to Graphic card or do i have to install anothr fan for the card?
    thanks ...:)

    1. A fan on a graphic card on or any other PC component for that matter helps in the easy heat exhaustion from the component......the HD6450 is without a fan but still has no heating issues whereas the nVidia 610 has a lot of heating issues even with a fan so you can buy the 6450 without much second thoughts.
      Not necessary but still I'd recommend that you install another exhaust fan at the back of your cabinet as it'll safe-guard the installation and is quite cheap even.
      Feel free to ask any further questions.

  9. sir...i need best graphic card under 7k-8k budget to play games like fight simulator x ,racing and shooting games and to play hd movies in my pc

    1. Hello,
      For that budget I recommend you go for the SAPPHIRE RADEON RX 550 2GB GDDR5 OC PULSE or the ZOTAC GeForce GT 1030 2GB GDDR5. I'd go for the RX 550 as its a bit faster but then it depends on your personal choice and availability in your area.