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Friday, 26 July 2019

AVerMedia Starter Pack now in India for Beginners

To be the next big YouTube star, one needs the right tools. But before you break the bank on expensive video equipment, start with these AVerMedias' simple devices.

BENGALURU, India - July 26, 2019

AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., the preeminent name in digital multimedia technology, has been targeting streamers and gamers that are customized to suit the needs of the Indian customers, with its portfolio of capture cards, webcams and other accessories. Over the past decade, live streaming has risen from relative obscurity to the status of cultural phenomenon. Likewise, broadcasting live videos content is becoming increasingly popular for businesses and gamers alike. Keeping in mind the requirements of Indian customers, AVerMedia recently launched YouTuber starter pack, a combo (Live Gamer MINI, AM310 USB-Mic and Webcam) Live Streamer 311(BO311).

Live Streamer Cam313 (PW313)

Most videos are created at home, so the first gadget any aspiring video creator needs is a high-definition webcam. The built-in webcams on laptops are decent, typically offering 720p video quality, but the Live Streamer Cam 313 outperforms them by offering the ability to record in 1080p, which is considered the baseline for web videos.The Live streamer Cam 313 comes with two built-in microphones (mono) and a flexible, 360-degree swivel design.
A well-thought privacy shutter provides users with a peace of mind against potential prying eyes of hackers; the flexible mounting clip with rubber pads enables the camera to be mounted firmly either on top of the monitor or on a tripod. When the camera is coupled with RECentral 4 - AVerMedia's new recording and streaming software - user can access exclusive features such as fair skin/wrinkle reduction camera effects, portrait filters (using facial recognition) as well as other filters

Live Streamer MINI (GC311)

A decade ago, sharing gameplay with friends would involve meeting at a place to play. Today, one can stream game right from couch and have millions of people watch you stream to victory.The world of video games is constantly evolving. And this includes other components besides the games. Now, die-hard gamers can share their gaming skills with the world right from their couch.The popular capture card option out there is the Live Gamer MINI. The Live Gamer MINI, pocket friendly capture card delivers 100% zero latency Full HD pass-through, which helps to enjoy the gameplay as it is meant to be. It comes with UVC technology (USB Video Class) which standardizes video drivers across Windows PC.
All users have to do is plug the capture card to the PC and it'll be ready for recording and streaming. Feature like STREAM ENGINE lets users record the gameplay backups using the 3rd party software directly to storage without putting any load on the CPU. User-friendly AVerMedia's proprietary RECentral software unleashes Live Gamer MINI's full potential with great functions like multi-stream, rich overlays, chroma key and more.

AM310 USB Microphone

Audio is half the video, and a good microphone is crucial. Portable devices have built-in microphones, but they do not make the cut, especially during the streaming. AM310 is designed to favor live streamers who crave for studio quality sounds. This model enables to record clearer, richer and warmer sound which is ideal for podcasting, streaming, gaming and more.
AM310 is a perfect-fit solution/device to immerse your audience and enrich your YouTube & Twitch channels, by adding glamour to your voice.AM310 comes with 3.5mm headphone jack and toggle switch upraises/uplifts the ease of control of either listening to what is being recorded or what's playing on your computer/device. With driver-free design suitable for PCs and MACs, setting-up/installing AM310 is hassle-free.

Price, Availability, and Warranty

Live Streamer 311 comes with official MRP of Rs25, 000 carrying a warranty of 1 year. But the product available through MD COMPUTER offers a large discount of over 22%in India.
For more information, click here


About AVerMedia Technologies

AVerMedia Technologies designs and manufactures multimedia products, from audio and video peripherals for consumers, to professional capturing and streaming solutions for businesses. AVerMedia Technologies commits itself to enrich experiences in entertainment and communications. Find out more at

Monday, 22 July 2019

Gaming PC under Rs 60000 - AMD Ryzen build

Let's build a AMD Ryzen Gaming machine shall we!?

The much awaited AMD Ryzen 3000 series processors are out and boy oh boy the wait was worth every second, the new CPU family based on the Zen 2 architecture seems to have picked up right where the previous generation left it. The good ols glory days of AMD are back and Ryzen has cemented its legacy giving the blue team a run for their money and making Intel offerings, well to put it softly, look sheer worthless!
Since I got a lot of queries to put a build on the same platform but on a budget so here it is today, a Gaming PC build under Rs 60,000 based on AMD Ryzen 2 CPUs. Even though this build can be made for around Rs 10K less especially by cutting the graphics card & RAM down but I'd intend to spend a little more here as to make this build last longer without giving the end user issues in near future and forcing upgrades soon.
Before compiling this configuration I've kept a few key points in mind which I would like to enlist first -
  • The build should be future proof and should last the user for over a year or two without any upgrades.
  • It should run all the existing and upcoming titles at 1080p to 1440p resolution with respectable settings.
  • Upgrade should be easy and economical with minimum change of components.
  • It should be balanced over all with all the components in sync & at par without overpowering or under-powering others.
Quite basic points but worth mentioning for easy understanding of what I'm about to write down next. 

CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Rs 14,500

The latest offering from AMD in form of the new Ryzen 5 3600 is a six core twelve thread CPU based on the newest Zen2 architecture which reaches a max of 4.2Ghz on boost. Due to its 7nm fabrication process its a mere 65W chip which keeps it cool even under load using the bundled stock cooler. Performance wise it easily beats the Intel i7 8700K in gaming and professional workloads alike at a far lesser price point making it even a more worthy choice!
It comes with a AMD Wraith Spire Cooler (no LED) which is adequate to keep this CPU cool but you can always upgrade the cooler to something bigger and better to overclock this chip since its unlocked and will reach higher frequencies quite easily for that extra performance gain if required.

Motherboard - ASUS TUF B450-PLUS GAMING Rs 7,800

Boasting the Asus TUF branding the TUF-B450 is a great choice not only for the brand name and aesthetics but also for the unmatched set of features it brings to the table for the price tag it carries. Its a full ATX motherboard so it'll look good in your gaming case and with a robust power delivery system you can be well assured to run your CPU at stock or overclocked without any second thought.
Four DIMM slots keep the upgrade path open and easy while extra features such as ample of SATA connectors, a M.2 connector and RGB headers is all that contributes to the wholeness of this product.
Please note that you make sure that its either with the latest BIOS or ask your local shopkeeper to update the BIOS for you as some older batches with older BIOS won't run the new AMD Ryzen 3000 chips out of the box prior to a BIOS flash.

RAM - G.Skill RipJaws V 16GB (8+8) 3000Mhz Rs 6,300

AMD Ryzen is a force to reckon with when you pair it with high speed memory kits and since the prices have come down then why not to add a kit of 16GB DDR4 rated at 3000Mhz from G.Skill Ripjaws V series! The red and black color scheme along with the low profile design makes  it a great choice for gaming PCs especially whose sporting a Ryzen CPU. Its a proven product in various fields and is durable to last you for long and since its an easily available kit so in-case you plan to add more down the road it'll be no hassle to find matching kits.

Graphics Card - Galax GeForce GTX 1660 TI (1 Click OC) 6GB Rs 21,000

A gaming PC is no good without a powerful graphics card at its heart so I recommend the GALAX GTX 1660 Ti 1-Click OC edition which is not only based on the latest Turing architecture from Nvidia hence you can enjoy all the Ray Tracing benefits with ease on this one but also its one of the most power efficient ones out in the market that also happens to run cool and quiet under load as I found in my review of the same some time back.
The card is more than competent to run all AAA titles at maxed out settings on 1080p at high frames rates but also will do just fine in 1440p area with some settings lowered down. So its a great buy for competitive players who aim for high frame rate for their high refresh rates monitors and even for casual gamers who plan to use a 2K display at 60Hz.
Also you can choose from a white or black option as per your taste and build theme which is an added benefit for some cases.

HDD - Seagate Barracuda 1TB Rs 2,300

Since we are building a PC it is quite obvious that you would be watching movies and listening to music aswell along with downloading a bunch of other stuff from the internet so we need a HDD here for which we’ll go with the Seagate Barracuda for its long line of trusted quality and service that it offers at a very reasonable price. The 1TB HDD spins at 7200RPM so you won’t feel it slowing down or spoiling your experience even if you play a multi-GB BluRay rip over your monitor or TV due to slow load/buffer time.

Case - Cooler Master Masterbox K500L Rs 4,000

A case is not only the most important part of your build due to its housing capacity and cooling features but also since it gives the whole build that much needed desirable outer appearance which is a must when we talk about gaming PC builds. The Cooler Master MasterBox K500L is a case directly jumping out from a Star Wars movie with awesome front looks and side tempered glass that not only houses all the components well but also offers ample of cooling fans and radiator mounts both in the front and top. The PSU shroud adds to the looks providing a clear and neat housing and an attractive side view.

PSU - Cooler Master MasterWatt Lite 650W Rs 3,800

For less than Rs 3K the Cooler Master MasterWatt Lite 650W PSU is more than you need for this configuration leaving enough headroom for a few extra components or upgrades that you might want to add in or do in future without changing the PSU for extra wattage or more reliable performance. The PSU is vastly compatible, extremely reliable and has good number of connectors with long wires for easy installation along with a solid 5 years warranty to back it up.

Additional - SSD - GALAX GAMER V 120GB Rs 1,300

Since we are tight on budget and most people won't even notice the load time difference between a 7200 RPM HDD and a SSD in most gaming titles I have omitted a SSD here but in case you have some extra money to shell out then going for the GALAX Gamer V 120GB SSD is a worthy addition since you can use it to boot your OS and keep one title at a time easily for faster load times. Also since its a great looking drive and the CM K500L case supports a front SSD mount then it'll be worth showing it off and will compliment the build nicely.

So, there you have it a Gaming PC configuration for Rs 60,000 to handle all your gaming and multimedia work without blowing a hole in your pocket, well not a big one to be precise. I haven’t included the cost of a peripherals like speakers, keyboard and mouse so you can add that according to your preferences and budget. Also for Windows keep aside around Rs 500 or so as you can get an OEM key easily for that much from many online stores and places to activate your free copy of Windows from Microsoft website. From my side I’ve tried to keep everything in mind regarding this build but just in case I did forget something or you have a suggestion for the same then do drop a comment.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Cooler Master Highlights 2019 Thermal Products at Computex

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, MAY 28, 2019 - Cooler Master, a global leader in manufacturing CPU coolers, computer components and peripherals, today provides an overview of the company’s upcoming thermal solutions including our new 3DVVC technology, an All-in-One (AIO) dual pump CPU cooler, and new line up to our MasterFan SF series.

MasterAir Maker 3DVVC   

The MasterAir Maker 3DVVC is created with our 3D Vertical Vapor Chamber technology. Instead of the traditional heat pipes to dissipate the heat from the CPU, this cooler uses one single unit of a 3D Vertical Vapor Chamber to replace the heat pipes. The vapor chamber is precisely shaped into a U shape configuration to evenly distribute the CPU heat into the aluminum fins and cooled down by two 140mm fans. 

MasterAir MA620M

The MasterAir MA620M comes with dual blacked out aluminum towers with a uniform 6 heat pipe layout to dissipate the heat evenly. The Silencio FP120 fan provides high air pressure with silent performance to cool away the heat from the heat pipes in silence. Easy mounting system along with array of Addressable RGB LED lighting makes the MA620M the best option in the market for an air cooling solution. 

MasterAir G200P and G400P

The G200/400P will be Cooler Master’s next small-form-factor (SFF) air cooler. With an ultra-low profile of 39.5mm for G200P and 58mm for G400P, embedded 2 heat pipes (G200P) and 4 heat pipes (G400P), and 92mm fan for both models. The G200/400P will provide users with ample thermal performance in compact form. Other proposed features include RGB lighting.

MasterLiquid Dual Pump AIO Design

Cooler Master is introducing our new dual pump AIO liquid cooler that incorporates our dual chamber design on both pumps. The dual pump is designed to enhance cooling performance by maximizing the flow rate and flow pressure of the coolant to the water block. The enhance flow rate and flow pressure of the coolant will dissipate the CPU heat at a much faster rate compared to the traditional AIO liquid coolers.

MasterLiquid Maker 240 New Edition

Cooler Master MasterLiquid Maker 240 comes with a newly designed reservoir and pump that creates a liquid vortex. The exclusive in-house pump design creates a liquid vortex effect by having the liquid flow through the top of the reservoir and then suctioned out through the bottom of the pump into the water block. The reservoir is equipped with Addressable RGB LED lighting to enhance the liquid vortex effect.

MasterLiquid ML240P Mirage

Designed and manufactured by Cooler Master’s skilled in-house team, the ML240P Mirage uncovers what’s inside. Featuring a transparent pump cover, this uniquely designed AIO provides users with a clear view of the operating impeller; coupled with eight Addressable RGB (ARGB) LEDs around the internal rim of the pump, users of the ML240P Mirage will be delighted with a hypnotizing light show. 

MasterFan SF Series

The new Cooler Master SF series of case fans are designed with a square fan frame for more direct airflow and pressure. The new square shape of the SF-R ARGB series provides more surface coverage on AIOs and air coolers. The SF120R ARGB, SF240R ARGB, and SF360R ARGB will be available in different sizes of 120/240/360mm with integrated fan frame design.

MasterFan SF120M  

The MasterFan SF120M is our first Maker edition fan with a patented square 120mm metallic damping fan frame. The metallic frames are strategically placed on the fan to reduce vibration and internal friction. The double ball bearings further reduce friction and can be mounted in any direction without affecting fan performance. The noise level is limited to 26 dBA while having the performance level of an industrial fan. 

Availability and Pricing:
MasterAir Maker 3DVVC: December 2019 for a starting MSRP of $129.99.

MasterAir MA620M: August 2019 for a starting MSRP of $99.99.

MasterAir G200P: August 2019 for a starting MSRP of $39.99.

MasterAir G400P: CES 2020 for a starting MSRP of $39.99.

MasterLiquid Dual Pump AIO Design: TBD

MasterLiquid Maker 240 New Edition: October 2019 for a starting MSRP of $299.99- $349.99.

MasterLiquid ML240P Mirage: June 2019 for a starting MSRP of $139.99.

MasterFan SF120/240/360R ARGB: May 2019 for a starting MSRP of $19.99 (SF120R ARGB), $39.99(SF240R ARGB), $49.99(SF360R ARGB).

MasterFan SF120M: September 2019 for a starting MSRP of $29.99.


About Cooler Master:

Cooler Master is a global computer components and peripheral company with a 27-year track record in releasing innovative products that truly advance the industry. We are driven by a passion for the things that make building a PC such a unique, rewarding experience, and sustained by a vision that we can reinvent the way these machines are designed, made and used. From our landmark release of the first ever aluminum PC case to our groundbreaking switch to the modular format, Cooler Master is committed to bringing our customers and fans the utmost in choice and control. For more information about Cooler Master, please visit or follow us on, or

Cooler Master Announces New Case Products to be shown at Computex

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, MAY 28, 2019 – Cooler Master reveals a variety of new case designs this year at Computex 2019. From minimalistic cases to sinister Black Edition variants, each model features the latest technology and innovative design. New cases are tailored to specific functions, lifestyles, and preferences ranging from professional to enthusiast demands. One series, in particular, revamps its legacy with leading-edge technology.

Silencio S400 (mATX) & Silencio S600 (ATX)

The Silencio set a precedent for quality in silence-optimized cases when it first debuted in 2011. From noise reduction technology to practicality and usability, the newest iteration was developed by evolving the strengths of Silencio predecessors through rigorous testing. Decibel meters may measure sound levels but there are more elements at play that needed to be studied. For further insight, Cooler Master collaborated with Sorama in the development of the new Silencio.

Sorama offers unique high-resolution acoustic cameras to visualize sounds in order to analyze noise and vibrations. The precision of this information equipped our R&D team with enough data to optimize noise reduction by frequency, while balancing thermal performance. Some frequencies are more noticeable than others. The application of specific types of sound dampening material target particular ranges in frequency, improving the quality of sound that could potentially escape to the user. The result is an experience that is noise-optimized without compromising the Silencio’s thermal capabilities.

COSMOS C700P Black Edition

Computex 2019 marks the launch of the latest COSMOS. The COSMOS C700P Black Edition extends further than its matte black coating, comprised of internal and external advancements upon the original. The PSU Shroud, flat radiator brackets, fine mesh panels, cable cover system, and an extra rear panel are all included to extend the COSMOS’ modular origins. While the panels and bars exhibit a pitch-black theme, the curved tempered glass possesses a lighter tint in comparison to its predecessor. Builds are displayed in full panoramic view through the dual-curved tempered glass, showcasing an arsenal of accessories at hand. Raising the Bar(s) in the COSMOS C700P Black Edition means more out-of-the-box parts to build an out-of-this-world rig.

MasterCase H100

The MasterCase H100 remains fiercely loyal to the H Series, unwilling to part from the 200mm RGB fan despite its mini-ITX form factor. From its industrial design elements to its generous use of mesh, the H100 fits neatly in the series as a travel-sized variant. Mesh makes up the entire front panel and part of the top panel, offering just enough room for a built-in handle to add to its portability. Compatibility for an ATX power supply ensures efficient power to the system for on-the-go gaming; ideal for LAN parties and events. Whether you’re saving desk space or looking for a portable alternative to the H Series, the H100 houses powerful mini-ITX systems in a tiny amount of space.

MasterCase SL600M Black Edition - Prototype

The top and front aluminum panels are anodized in black, bringing forth the MasterCase SL600M’s sinister side. The original silver finish is the suit-and-tie version of the SL600M, now donning battle armor with no intention of pleasantries as the Black Edition variant.

Availability and Pricing:

COSMOS C700P Black Edition TBA

Silencio S400 & Silencio S600 TBA

MasterCase H100 TBA

MasterCase SL600M Black Edition TBA


About Cooler Master:
Cooler Master is a global computer components and peripheral company with a 27-year track record in releasing innovative products that truly advance the industry. We are driven by a passion for the things that make building a PC such a unique, rewarding experience, and sustained by a vision that we can reinvent the way these machines are designed, made and used. From our landmark release of the first ever aluminum PC case to our groundbreaking switch to the modular format, Cooler Master is committed to bringing our customers and fans the utmost in choice and control. For more information about Cooler Master, please visit or follow us on, or

Corsair launches the Hydro X at Computex 2019, finally!

Introducing the CORSAIR Hydro X Series - Because the Best PCs Deserve the Best Cooling

COMPUTEX, Taipei / TAIWAN - May 28, 2019

CORSAIR®, a world leader in PC gaming peripherals and enthusiast components, today announced the launch of the highly-anticipated CORSAIR Hydro X Series, a complete line of custom cooling parts offering PC enthusiasts a new standard of hardware to build the world's most powerful and stunning systems.

From CPU and graphics card water blocks to a pump/reservoir, fittings, tubing, radiators, and coolant, the Hydro X Series offers everything you need to build a spectacular custom cooling loop that lowers system temperatures and improves performance, complete with vivid RGB lighting.

Rigorously tested and validated to ensure the utmost reliability and stability, the Hydro X Series has been meticulously designed to work best alongside the massive range of CORSAIR cases and cooling components, fully integrated with CORSAIR iCUE software for automated fan and pump speed control and complete lighting customization.

The Hydro X Series cools any modern desktop CPU using the lineup of XC7 and XC9 RGB water blocks. A nickel-plated copper cold plate, more than 70 high-efficiency micro-cooling fins, and pre-applied thermal material ensure powerful cooling performance, with 16 individually addressable RGB LEDs and a transparent flow chamber to show off your style.

The XG7 RGB range of graphics card water blocks fit a wide variety of popular graphics cards, including NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 20-Series graphics cards. XG7 blocks are total conversion solutions designed to completely augment the looks and performance of the graphics card, with an included full-length aluminum backplate and integrated RGB lighting. Pre-applied thermal material and thermal pads make installation quick and easy.

The XD5 RGB Pump/Reservoir Combo delivers a strong flow for your loop thanks to its D5 pump, with a 330ml reservoir and an integrated fillport. Ten top-mounted RGB LEDs light up the reservoir, and an included temperature sensor provides real-time coolant temperatures from inside your loop.

All the remaining parts to complete your custom cooling system are available from the Hydro X Series: copper-core radiators from 120mm up to 480mm, soft and hardline tubing, a wide range of fittings with a variety of angled adapters to accommodate all kinds of tubing runs, and several vibrant colors of extensively tested coolant. The Hydro X Series is designed to fit perfectly in a wide range of CORSAIR cases, and thanks to standard G1/4" fittings, is compatible with the vast majority of existing custom cooling parts available today.

The core Hydro X Series components feature vivid, integrated RGB LED lighting to further accent your system, controllable with a CORSAIR iCUE RGB lighting controller and CORSAIR iCUE software. iCUE connects all your compatible CORSAIR components and peripherals together in a single interface, allowing you to create synchronized lighting effects across your entire system or experience immersive integrated lighting with compatible games.

The Hydro X Series is not just about pushing performance and customization, but also opening the world of custom PC cooling to more enthusiasts than ever before. Building a custom cooling system has long been considered a project for only the most dedicated builders. With pre-applied thermal material and thermal pads, easy-to-follow video installation tutorials, and dedicated 24/7 customer service, the Hydro X Series is the most streamlined and accessible path for both beginners and experts to enjoy the lower system temperatures and amazing aesthetics of a custom cooling system.

To easily determine exactly which parts you'll need for your specific build, the online custom cooling configurator is now on the CORSAIR website. By simply entering your key hardware components into the configurator, it will compile a full list of the specific Hydro X Series parts needed for a custom cooling loop tailored to your PC. The parts list can also be modified based on other preferences, such as overclocking. Afterwards, the configurator can automatically populate your cart with your personalized list of parts, for a quick and easy shopping experience.

The Hydro X Series delivers a complete range of high-quality parts to build an amazing custom cooling system, while removing many of the complexities in the process. For those who want to take their PC build to new heights of performance and style, the Hydro X Series puts custom cooling firmly within reach.

Availability, Warranty and Pricing
The CORSAIR Hydro X Series is available immediately from the CORSAIR webstore, and will be available in the coming weeks from the CORSAIR worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors.

For the warranty info of individual CORSAIR Hydro X Series products, please refer to the CORSAIR website.

For up-to-date pricing of individual CORSAIR Hydro X Series products, please refer to the CORSAIR website or contact your local CORSAIR sales or PR representative.


Founded in 1994, CORSAIR has grown from pioneering the high-performance DRAM market into one of the world's leading providers of high-performance PC peripherals and components. CORSAIR offers a complete range of products to equip gamers, enthusiasts and e-sports athletes, including mechanical keyboards, precision gaming mice, wireless headsets, high-performance components that gamers use to build gaming PCs, and the CORSAIR ONE fully-integrated gaming PC. With a company-wide commitment to quality, innovative design, advanced features and high performance, CORSAIR products have won thousands of media and industry awards, earning their place in gamers' hands and PCs following years of development and engineering by a team dedicated to building great products they themselves would want to use.

Copyright © 2019 CORSAIR Components, Inc. All rights reserved. CORSAIR, the sails logo, and Vengeance are registered trademarks of CORSAIR in the United States and/or other countries. All other company and/or product names may be trade names, trademarks, and/or registered trademarks of the respective owners with which they are associated. Features, pricing, availability, and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Corsair M65 Pro RGB Review

Corsair M65 Pro RGB - Distinctive Looks with Distinctive Performance

Corsair has a some really impressive gaming peripherals up in its arsenal but what makes these peripherals truly impressive and keeps them miles away from redundancy unlike others is the fact that Corsair keeps on revamping and upgrading these offerings, improving them and tailoring them as per user's feedback to hopefully overcome whatever drawbacks the previous generation product suffered from.
Today yet again I have one such product on my table for review and its the Corsair M65 Pro RGB Gaming Mouse which is the successor to the older M65 that features a similar design but that's probably the only thing that these two share in common as the newer M65 Pro RGB is better in every possible way in terms of technology.

Coming in at around $60 or Rs 3,600 in India the Corsair M65 Pro RGB is on the humble side of the spectrum when it comes to pricing. Featuring an improved 12,000 DPI Pixart PMW336X optical sensor over the Avago ADNS-9800 8,200 DPI laser sensor this new M65 is on the better side when it comes to accuracy on varied surfaces. A full aluminum body, weight tuning system, 8-programmable buttons and the famous sniper button is all backed up by two years of domestic warranty which is coated with RGB goodness in form of two backlit areas controlled by Corsair's own iCUE.

What's in the Box!?

Corsair brings the M65 Pro RGB in  a sleek box that's laced with the Corsair gaming colors of black and yellow. The front boasts an image of the mouse itself along with main features enlisted neatly on the left side such as  the dedicated sniper button, weight tuning system etc while the top has the Corsair sails logo in silver and other logos depicting various features.
The box does open up with a front window for the customer to have a glimpse of the mouse inside and is a nifty little feature that I personally love in PC components as one gets to roughly see what he's paying for without opening the seal of the box.

At the back side the same story continues but with a detailed numbered diagram of the M65 Pro RGB which is a nice touch as one gets to know the features more clearly and can pay for the product with a little more confidence.

Accessories wise the mouse comes with technically nothing as you'll only get a warranty card, user manual and the M65 Pro RGB mouse itself. Its kind of a shame that the mouse doesn't come with a carry pouch for the weights as it'll be a tedious job to carry them along to a gaming event along with the mouse or simply in terms of storing them safely.

A Closer Look

Corsair M65 Pro RGB is made out of solid aircraft grade aluminum frame which is light weight yet strong. The outer body has a rubberized finish which makes it easy and comfortable to grip and handle, though some parts underneath and in the front are simply powder coated aluminum but that's just the part of the rugged look. Wire is long at 1.8m and braided but isn't detachable which is fine with me but your opinion may wary.

The mouse has the same design as the previous M65 and the top is rubberized. You do find the two front and back arrow keys right behind the scroll wheel to switch DPI on the go and these are great as one can jump from a lower DPI to a higher one or vice versa using the arrow keys rather than having to cycle through all the rest to reach a particular setting like in a mouse with a single DPI switch button. Also the old Corsair Gaming logo is replaced by the traditional Corsair sails logo which is RGB.
The mouse does have a tapered to the right side structure which is quite favorable with mice that are aimed at FPS gamers and also provides a more snug fit to most users. Also the thumb rest is a bit more elongated for better comfort for those long gaming tournaments or during casual use too.

You find the two forward and backward buttons on the side which are right above the famous 'Sniper Button' which helps you to set preferably lower the DPI to a setting of your choice set via the iCUE software when sniping enemies or taking crucial shots via sights.
The other side is plain and both these sides are made out of premium grade plastic and feel solid without any shade of cost cutting.

Under the mouse is where you find the trick that the Corsair M65 Pro RGB hides, apart from the usual rubber feet you will also find three weights that are screwed into the mouse and are removable as per the taste and requirement of the user.
These weigh in at 7gm each and in total makes the mouse weight in around 136gm which is at 115gm without these weights so plenty of room for tuning here. Also these weights can be easily removed or put back using a coin so no special screwdrivers or hex keys are required hence. keeping the process simple.

Software Overview - Corsair iCUE

The M65 Pro RGB is compatible with the iCUE software and hence the user has a full control over how to and what to make out of this mouse. My sample was detected flawlessly by the iCUE software on my system and even for the firmware update I didn't face any issues and the mouse upgraded in just a click of the button.

One can not only adjust the three RGB lighting zones on the mouse here but can also program the keys with Macros of one's choosing. These range from texts that can be really handy for immediate responses during in-game chats, application launches and even profile switching maybe for some particular instance in the game or maps. DPI settings are five in numbers and the sniper buttons counts as six, these are all programmable in terms of DPI aswell as the color of the indicator.
Lift height feature is really useful and one can customize it as per their playing style, length of the mouse pad etc. The surface calibration feature is something that some may find useful but for me it worked the same before and after calibration probably due to my play style and mouse surface which favors more of a grip and control nature.

Time to put it to Test - Comfort and Functionality  

Comfort - It really does matter!

For reference I use the Corsair Glaive RGB with its textured side grip as my daily driver and when it comes to mouse comfort I'm very peculiar as I like to rest my hand fully sometimes mostly when I'm doing my daily work which makes me a palm gripper and when gaming I tend to switch to a claw grip most of the times depending from games to games mostly FPS and role playing so for me a mouse either has to be really good at one of these two or offer a perfect balance of both, the latter preferred more. And the Corsair M65 Pro RGB does quite well for me and I loved using it with all my heart during my long working sessions and even when playing. The weight of the mouse is solid under the palm and I like how it fits nicely offering all the weight in the front to middle portion while leaving the back portion almost hollow and light.
This feature in particular is my favorite since I mostly like to fix my mouse at an axis from the rear end and then point using the front portion of the mouse rather than moving the entire mouse all the time. This weigh distribution gives me a nice hold and grip over my movement hence making it more comfortable for someone like me. Even though its a rubberized top and long sessions on the PC can cause sweat to build up on the palm especially in summers, it wasn't really that much of a problem as the mouse shape both from the front and back offered quite enough ventilation to keep the palm sweat free. Overall the mouse is very comfortable to use and I'd say prefers more to a claw gripper if you have large to extra large hands or else if they are on the smaller side then it'll serve great as claw as well as a palm gripper making it a decent choice for a large number of people.

Performance - That's what you pay for!

While testing the M65 Pro RGB I put the mouse through a range of tests that included my daily work as well as gaming. Even though its a gaming mouse and that sniper button is aimed at gaming only the mouse is lovely to use for daily work be it as simple as an MS Office spreadsheet or something more control worthy like Photoshop. The weight of the mouse as for me especially with all the three weights included works really well and that sniper button is a life saver when editing small details in a photograph on a 4K monitor where switching between low to high DPI is necessity for swift performance. I also like the sound and feel of the clicks on this mouse as its tight but only to point where its comfortable and I feel that I'm holding a solid piece of tech under my palm with heavy sounded clicks.
As for gaming I found it really accurate and controlled when playing FPS games like Far Cry New Dawn, Apex Legends, Battlefield V and PUBG. In all these games I felt the mouse is not only apt for the various scenarios but also keeps my hand conformable when gaming with a claw grip thanks to its contoured shape and the elongated wing for the thumb. The DPI switch works really well in strategy games such as Command and Conquer where I could immediately switch to a higher DPI for skimming over the whole map and then bringing it down for other functioning.
However I did feel that the side buttons for forward and backward do touch the upper portion of my thumb more than usual due their sloping alignment towards the front so, someone with a thick thumb would find it a bit uncomfortable and unwanted since I like to use these to throw grenades in FPS and you don't want to throw them by mistake on your teammates do you? 
Overall the Corsair M65 Pro RGB is a solid upgrade over its predecessor and works really well for gaming and daily work alike.

My Verdict 

Corsair has been famous for revamps and upgrades to their existing lineups which often than usual results in a positively improved product in nearly every field possible. The M65 Pro RGB is no exception though and does exactly what one would expect from a product of this stature, delivering to the point performance and features at a decent price tag.

The build quality is solid and the ergonomics are on point for most of the gamers and users out there. Even though the design is a bit outlandish but it slowly gets to you and in the end makes it more useful only. iCUE implementation on the mouse is as expected and keeps it in harmony with other Corsair peripherals while at the same time offering full control over the customization of the mouse both aesthetically and functionally which is how a manufacturer's software should be for its product.
I'm not sure what kind of a person would need 12,000 DPI on a mouse probably someone rocking a triple or more monitor setup but in general the only bright side out of it is the sensor that is crisp and offers tight control in games and during productivity tasks. The adjustable weights go a long way in fine tuning the mouse and gives the user an option to tune the mouse physically as well along side the software customization hence, taking things a step ahead in making it a full customizable mouse.
"Corsair M65 Pro RGB is the perfect mouse if you are looking for a product that not only looks distinct but performs as such too, offering enough bling and customization to make it a product just tailored for you and all of this at a reasonable price tag."
Pros - 
  • Solid Build Quality 
  • Adjustable Weights 
  • Competitive optical sensor
  • iCUE support is brilliant 
  • Two DPI Buttons
  • Aptly priced 
Cons - 
  • No Carry Bag for the weights 

I give it a 8/10 earning our Gold Award!

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Project Storm Shadow - Cooler Master H500M Build Guide

Let's clear some doubts and queries regarding the Cooler Master H500M

Recently I finished building off my personal build called Project Storm Shadow which is well a fully custom liquid cooled build made inside the Cooler Master H500M. As much as I loved creating this build it did brought out some interesting features and facts about this case which I thought are worth sharing in a build log cum FAQ guide which is dedicated solely to help certain people out there who plan to go for such build or just need a particular information regarding a particular feature.
Before we dive deep into this article I would like to clarify that while building this PC I came across little to no information about the points below which and that included reputed forums and even YouTube videos that made it all the while more difficult since none of them were accurate when it came to making a custom liquid cooling build though for general build with air cooler and AIOs there is plenty of useful information and reviews out there. This somewhat made my job quite difficult as I had to do a lot of research on the personal level and mix it with guess work with hopes that  it would work out just fine in the end. So I hope this article would serve a s one place stop for all the information that someone like me out there is and would be searching for.
Note - As this is an impromptu article so excuse me for the picture quality.

The Build

Storm Shadow is build with the sole purpose of performance at minimal cost without compromising upon quality. One more thing I kept in mind while sketching out the build is to make it as hassle free as possible when it comes to future maintenance of the loop hence, a soft tubing is what I went with which also helps me to upgrade atleast the CPU if not the motherboard in near future without tearing down the whole loop for a simple swap!
The vital configuration is as follows  -

CPU - AMD Ryzen 1800X at 4.1Ghz
Motherboard - Asus X370 Crosshair VI Hero
Graphics Card - Aorus GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition
RAM - Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB at 3200Mhz
SSD - Kingston A400 240GB + Corsair Neutron GTX 480GB
HDD - Toshiba 2TB + Toshiba 1TB
Cooler - Custom Cooling mostly from Barrow and Bykski
PSU - Corsair AX860i 860W
Case - Cooler Master H500M
Fans - Cooler Master MasterFan Pro 120 Air Balance RGB
Sleeved Cables - Cooler Master Sleeved Cable extensions

Custom Loop Components -

CPU Block - Bykski CPU Water Block CPU-XPR-AM
GPU Block - Bykski Aorus GTX 1080 Ti Full Cover Water Block GV-N108TAORUS-11GD
Reservoir-Pump - Bykski 18W D5 Combo Pump + Reservoir Combo
Radiator - Barrow Dabel 45A 360
Fittings - Barrow
Tubing - Bykski
Concentrate -  EK Cryofuel Clear Concentrate

In case most of you must be wondering that why have I used only one radiator and not two is pretty simple. For cooling a single CPU and GPU combo a single 45mm thick 360mm long radiator made out of copper is enough and anything more would yield diminishing returns but would surely make the build more complicated in ever way possible. My setup n this Indian summer where my ambient temperature mostly sits in at 30°C to 33°C without an air conditioner leaves my setup sitting at 52°C on the GPU and 63°C on the CPU which comes down my over 10°C when using an air conditioner!
With all of the basic explanation aside now lets get down to some FAQs

1. How much is the clearance for a radiator on top of the case?

The Cooler Master H500M doesn't have any clear explanation or information about this vital point. At most some would just say that its 34mm which is completely wrong infact its 70mm! Yes you read that right its 70mm on top.

The top has a removable grill which you can take out and mount the radiator to and then screw it back on the chassis. The catch is that if you look closely then their are various grills for mounting at different potions wrt the radiator size, if you mount the radiator to the last line of grill from the left side as in the pic then you can mount a radiator which is upto 60mm thick and mount the fans on top in the empty chamber on top between the main chassis and the glass top or you can slide in a 45mm radiator like I have and put a set of 25mm fans below it. The latter which is my case even allows you to go for a push pull since you can mount fans on top of the case too under the glass top.
Note - A 360mm 46mm or 60mm thick radiator would only fit with with the inlet-outlet holes on the motherboard IO shield side and not towards the front of the case since the IO shield would interfere with the radiator hence making it impossible to slide it inside the case

2. What are the other possible radiator placements?

Mounting locations for radiator in the CM H500M are either on top or in the front with the front being pretty straightforward if you want to mount a 240mm radiator but it gets a bit tricky with a 360mm radiator which would lead to the below scenarios as you need to remove the metal piece on the HDD shroud -

a. If its a slim 30mm radiator then you'll be fine mounting it with the fans inside the case but this means that you would need to use atleast two radiators in case its a full loop cooling a GPU and CPU hence increasing the loop complexity unnecessarily but that's subjective.
b. Opting for a 45mm or thicker radiator would mean either you remove the front 200mm stock fans and replace them with radiator fans which would then be sucking in fresh air but compromising the whole signature look of the H500M series as you can't place those large 200mm fans in front anymore.
Or you can remove the HDD cage completely to make room for the radiator and fans to sit inside the case hence, sandwiching the radiator between the front 200mm fans and the radiator fans. This means you would compromise HDD storage completely making it either a full SSD system or you'll need to use a NAS or something for large storage.

3. Any RAM clearance issue?

If you plan to do push pull or just push like me with a top 45mm radiator or just a pull with a 60mm thick radiator then make sure you don't use any sort of an external RAM cooler or water block or even RAM sticks that tend to stick out at the DIMM retention clips.
In my case I am left with just enough space to open the RAM slot clips for swapping memory sticks if and when required. I use pretty standard sized Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB that are completely flat at their edges. RAM height won't create any issues whatsoever though.

4. What is the Reservoir Clearance?

The case allows for around 13 inches of clearance from the top to the metal shroud but this length is shortened when you install a radiator, fans or both on top so subtract it accordingly. I opted for a reservoir and pump combo which measures in at 240mm of total height and I had to remove the pump mount bracket on top of the shroud to install it.
For installing a longer reservoir-pump combo say something like 310mm or so you will have to remove the HDD cage and the shroud completely hence posing the same issue as I've mentioned in the above answer.

5. Optimum placement for reservoir units?

The Cooler Master H500M comes with two dedicated reservoir mounts, one on the shroud and one on the side grill where the two SSD mounts also happen to be located. The one on the shroud is kind of useless when one is using a long graphics card such as myself as it'll leave no space for the reservoir to stand on that mount. Maybe you can use it if you mount your graphics card vertically for which the case has provision readily out of the box.

The grills on the side is what's optimum if you ask me since you can mount the reservoir with the clips that most come with out of the box by simply screwing the clips into the rail from behind of the case like I have done in my build.
This way you won't be compromising too much air flow coming from the front fans which you might have if mounting the reservoir in the front of the case using a bracket that you would have have to buy separately adding up extra cost unnecessarily.
On the downside you'll compromise two SSD mounts but I suppose four should be plenty anyways that you'll be left with.

6. Any issues with eat dissipation from the top since its solid glass? 

Yes, since the top is solid tempered glass on the H500M it won't let hot air escape via the natural path that is hot air rises upwards instead the hot air will escape through the side grill which isn't enough and this results in the radiator getting heat soaked leading to around 5°C-6°C rise on both the CPU and GPU if you take my case since both are cooled via the same radiator.
A simple way around is to either DIY a mesh panel for the top or just unscrewing the TG panel, taking out the four washers from the middle and then screwing the glass panel back with long head screws with the washers in between the glass and the top panel. This will create around 1cm of extra space letting hot air escape through and improving the temperatures by almost 4°C atleast depending upon your ambient temperature.

Well, these were some of the questions that I had in my mind while going for this build and also some were from various people over the web that didn't get any clear answer from others. Hope this small guide cum FAQ compilation would be helpful for someone out there who's planning to go for a custom loop inside this magnificent H500M chassis from Cooler Master.
If you have any more queries or think that some questions are not included here then feel free to drop a comment and I'll attend to it ASAP.