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Wednesday, 20 December 2017


Philips DLP6006 11000mAh Power Bank Review

With 11000mAh of power under the hood is the Philips DLP6006 Power Bank worth your buck?

Ever since it set foot in India in 1993 Philips has been a brand that touched our lives in one way or the other through its ever growing lineup of consumer electronics, no matter how old we all are we've heard, seen or even used a Philips product at some point of our lives. Recently they've launched their current lineup of mobile accessories including data transfer cables, Bluetooth earpiece and powerbanks. While the other two are quite self explanatory the powerbanks are quite interesting as they not only come in capacities of 8000mAh to 13000mAh but are really well build and designed.
Thanks to Philips India I have one of these powerbanks today with us for review, we have the Philips DLP6006 11000mAh Power Bank.

Priced in at Rs 1,100 the Philips DLP6006 11000mAh Power Bank is second in position of the current Philips Powerbank lineups just after the 13000mAh model and is powered by a Lithium ion battery rated at 11000mAh with 5V input/output and 1A output each through the three USB charging ports that it comes quipped with for simultaneous charging of three USB powered devices. The powerbank also has a torch build in just in case required which is a welcome feature but on the other hand lacks fast charging technology which is quite disappointing.

What's in the Box!?

Philips DLP6006 11000mAh Power Bank comes in a sleek cardboard box with the product name and power rating clearly mentioned along with the product image and briefings about its functionality printed near the bottom.

Inside the box we get the powerbank resting inside a molded plastic casing with an instruction leaflet, the powerbank and a small white micro-USB cable for charging devices that support micro-USB cables.

A Closer Look

The Philips DLP6006 Power Bank is a beautiful gadget honing in white with a black screen which imparts elegance and style to the device even when not in use. The entire body is covered by a white leather sheet which is immaculately stitched at the edges near the areas where the black plastic body reveals itself. I really like the design and looks of this powerbank which should go well with the style of most of the users and won't make it look like a bland necessity but an edgy accessory.

The seven segment display LED is blue in color and displays the current battery percentage of the powerbank while charging. It lights up when a device is connected to the powerbank or you can simply press the power button below the display to view the current status.

While the right side is plain the left side houses the three USB ports through which the Philips DLP6006 Power Bank delivers power for charging devices. These are rated at 5V-1A and don't support fast charging which is some what expected at this price point & power capacity.

On the top end you can find the mico-USB port through which you can charge the power bank using an after market charger which are quite commonly available and right next to it is the torch which can be turned on long pressing the power button and can be turned off again by the same method.

Let's Charge things Up!

My unit came with a 75% charge on the battery right out of the box but yours might be having some another level. I discharged the battery fully to even out the playing field and took the power bank along with me for 15 days of near constant traveling to keep the review as accurate and close to real life scenarios as possible.

Charging the Power Bank

This is an area where I was on the brink of losing my temper! Using a 5V charger it took me over 20 hours to get the battery at full 100% from a fully drained state. this much time is just too much for charging a 11000mAh battery pack using a standard charger as mostly people don't have that much of time to charge their power banks before they move out again to continue their journey. If there is any major minus point on this power bank then it has to be its excruciatingly long charging time.

Charging other Devices

I charged a OnePlus 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 7 all at the same time and also one by one using the Philips DLP6006 Power Bank using the stock cables that these cell phones come with since neither of them support the micro-USB cable that this power bank comes with. The charging time was obviously slow since the output on the Philips DLP6006 is only 1A so fast charging is not supported resulting in nearly double charging time for the OnePlus 5 and the iPhone 7 that are designed to utilize fast charging technology. I somehow didn't notice that much of a difference when it came to the iPhone5S as the charging time using the power bank was around 20 minutes more.
Overall the 11000mAh battery is good for charging or acting as a backup power source for latest devices or even charging them fully in acceptable time duration.

Overall feel and comfort

The Philips DLP6006 Power Bank is beautiful when it comes to aesthetics and looks with its smooth white leather finish and slip free design. However the power bank is a bit heavy weighing in at 1.7Kg which is courtesy to its Lithium ion Battery pack over the Lithium Polymer Battery Pack which tends to be heavier and bigger compared to the latter. So carrying the bank can be tough for a few people who like to hold their phone and power banks in the same hand white chatting, calling etc
Also the micro-USB cable that it comes bundled with is very short and can only be used if the cell phone has its charging port on the side and not on the bottom as then its impossible to even connect them and use the cell phone but if you just want to connect and leave the phone to charge on the table then the cable would do the job.

My Verdict

Philips India has done a decent job with the DLP6006 Power Bank both in terms of designing and functionality. Even though its a low cost power bank it doesn't look flimsy or bland rather its elegant and catchy which makes it look like an attractive accessory in its own right, quite suitable for people who value styling their gadgets. Technically the three USB ports which can work simultaneously is a great move and the battery level indicator is quite useful in certain situations. I personally loved the nifty torch light that it has since it saves me switching on my cell phone flash light in dark rooms or simply just to search for something in my carry bag!
It lacks fast charging and the charging time for gadgets is acceptable in most cases where you don't plan to charge something like the PSP or any other portable gadget that has a huge battery pack but and its a big but the charging time for its own self is just too much to tolerate! i mean over 20 hours to charge the bank itself even when it has a 11000mAh battery is by nay means or sense unacceptable.
"With a lot of small but useful features Philips has designed by far one of the best looking power banks in form of the DLP6006 which should go well with the style of most of the users and won't make it look like a bland necessity but an edgy accessory."
Pros -
  • Great Looks
  • Three charging ports
  • Has a torch light
  • Competitively priced 
Cons - 
  • No fast charging
  • Takes extremely long to charge itself 
  • A bit heavy
I give it a 6/10 earning out Bronze Award!

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  1. Hey Vishvesh, it was a very good piece of review. No power bank in this price range offers leather skin which looks damn premium. This power bank doesn't looks like a power bank around Rs1000 as it is crafted so well with white leather and excellent stitching work. The only thing I think is missing in terms of looks of this power bank is color options. It would be great if it also comes in brown leather skin as well.
    I think the self charging time is high thats the only drawback of this power bank.
    Anyways no power bank is perfect. I have listed out some power banks too which comes in around Rs1000 and will provide link to it. The list does not contains this power bank but I will add it ASAP. By the way thanks for such a helpful article man.

    1. Hello,
      glad to know that you liked the review & it was helpful to you in a way.
      Well looks and aesthetics are too the point but its a power bank so charging and allied technologies should be the priority here. Yes the high self charging time along with no support for fast charging are the main drawbacks.
      About the color options you sure have a valid point. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. hello, how can i ensure that the power bank is fully charged?

    1. Hello,
      Well the power bank has a small LED display that displays the percentage of power left in the bank's battery pack.
      Once fully charges it will stall at 100% rather thank blinking indicating that it is fully charged.

  3. Hello ,
    I am not confirm ,if it is fully charges 100% than why blinking .
    i thank it sound be stop i am confirm , so many time charging.
    also pl check this power bank is 11000mah i don't think so ?
    i am charge my phone this power bank only 2 time. radmi 3s prime 4000mah battrey > pl confirm .

    1. Hello,
      If the bank is fully charged then the 100% marker should stay still when plugged into the power plug. If its still blinking while getting charged then it means it is still charging.
      The battery pack is 11000mAh only but like you said that the marker was still blinking so I suspect that it was only charged up to the 80%-85% mark at most indicating that it had around 8500mAH of power left so that can be the reason why it could charge your phone only twice.
      I suggest that you charge the bank fully once and try again.

  4. So from this
    What do you suggest for best power bank ?
    Which you give 10/10 rating

    1. At this budget I'd say the Mi 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i is the best bet not only for its high capacity battery pack but also due to the availability of fast charging option which is great for this price.

  5. I charged it fully. But as i get to 50%of its level it gets discharged very fast. Niether half battery is charged. Is it normal in this powerbank or should i return it? Please help me. I search many thing about discharging levels of this powerbank but i did not any helping article.

    1. I suggest if you this is happening with you then claim for the warranty against the product. There might be a fault with your unit so its always recommended that one applies for an RMA if required.

  6. Charging very slowly for my phone

    1. Hello,
      Maybe that is because of the absence of dash/flash charging port on this power-bank.

  7. Actually Sir, the powerbank does support 2.1A fast charging, the port closest to the LED light is a 2.1A output port and the other two are slow 1A output power ports. Have a look on the outer box.

    1. Hello, this is me again, it says that the first port is a fast charging one but after checking it, it does not support fast charging, so the bank only supports normal 1A charging,which is the same conclusion according to your review. Good job.