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Tuesday, 17 June 2014


How to keep your Hard Drive Cool

A computer be it a laptop or a desktop has a lot of components and all these components face one problem in common, Heat. Heating of components be it the graphic card, processor or even the Hard disk drive is a common problem and can have a severe impact on the parts performance and health in the long run rendering it useless and malfunctioned in many cases.
Over the past few months I've written a lot of articles on how to keep your entire system cool but today I'll give you a few quick tricks and tips to keep your Hard disk or Solid state Drive cool and healthy.

The need of Cooling

Hard disk is the most valuable and vital part of your entire system, it not only stores all your valuable data but also helps you load the entire Operating System and albeit let you do all the tasks on your PC or Laptop.
The normal temperature of a Hard Drive is considered to be in between 30°C to 40°C, though 41°C to 50°C is considered to be the maximum sustainable temperature for optimum functionality. But many a times it blows of the roof reaching as high as 55°C to 65°C in severe cases! Believe me you don't want to put your HDD or SSD in that spot.
Follow these simple steps to keep your HDD or SSD cool and safe.


Place it properly

Most of the computer cases come with more than two HDD bays for placing your Hard Drives or Solid State Drives. For proper cooling you should place your drive on the upper most bay so that it has more clearance both under and below it. This will allow more air around it making it cooler and properly ventilated.
If you have two seperate drive modules then make sure you keep proper spacing between them so that they don't aid the heating and radiate it on eachother!

Install an extra Cooler

Just like a laptop cooler there are plenty of HDD after market coolers flooding the market and are pretty good at keeping your hard drive cool. They can easily reduce the temperature by 6-7 degrees. You can mount them on top of the installed disk and connect it to your PSU for powering them up. The only disadvantage is that they need one or two 4-pin molex power connector from your power supply, so make sure that you have good enough smps to support them. They genrally cost as low as Rs300-400.


Keep it clean

The arc enemy of any computer is dust and that goes for all its components as well. As dust is a bad conductor of heat it traps the heat radiated by individual components and increses your machine's temperature. keep your computer dust free and clean it after every 4-5 months period.


Yes the more fragmented your hard drive will be the harder it will be for your processor to find files on it and the more your drive will spin resulting in extra heat being desipated! So keep your HDD or SSD defragmented by using the default Windows defragmentor, if you don't want to install any extra software for the purpose, and set it to do it on regualr intervals of time.

These were the simple steps that I've been following myself over the years and have kept my computer safe and healthy, feel free to add any point to this article by leaving a comment below. And as always your queries regarding the same are welcome.

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