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Friday, 5 July 2013


Top 5 Cooling Pads for your Laptop

Last article had some tips to keep your laptop cool. But if the weather is too hot, those tips may not work and you may need some external cooler to keep the temperature down. So, here are my favourite picks which may help you to keep it kool...!!!

1. Cooler Master Notepal X Lite Cooling Pad

It comes with a one year warranty and has an affordable price. Also it is light weight, stylish and has a nice grip so the laptop doesnt slip. All in all a value for money product. Buy it Here 

2. Cooler Master R9-NBC-I1HG-GP Notepal I100

I specially recommend this one for the Macbook Pro users. since Macbook doesnt have conventional design like other laptops, the fan in the centre of this pad cools the entire laptop efficiently. Also its available in two colors so makes it look more appealing..!! Buy it Here

3. Cooler Master NotePal U Stand Mini

It has got nice and sturdy look and amazing cooling power with almost nil noise. Also its light weight, controllable fan speed and 4 extra USB ports. Good product in its price range. Buy it Here 

4. Deepcool Multi Core X6

Its a MUst buy for gamers.!! It has got 4 fans with the 2 largers fans located at the rear of the product, it provides efficient cooling for gaming laptops as gaming laptops tend to get heated only at the back. So, the Multi Core X6 keeps the rear vents at the right temperature. Also it comes with an extra USB port. Buy it Here 

5. Deepcool N2000 ECO

If you want your laptop cooler to look different from everybody else, you should opt for this one. It has a bamboo casing to make it look different and eco friendly. Also the anti slip design can accomodate almost all sizes of laptops available in the market.!! Price is a little high but surely worth for its awesome looks. Buy it Here 

Hope that this post was helpful. Any queries, questions and suggestions are always welcome. Happy computing.!!

Shivani Mishra
About the Guest Author:
An Engineer by profession and a writer by passion. Trying to solve others problems and learning in the due course.

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  1. which do you suggest best and cost effective for 17 inch monitor laptop .which is lenovo g550 make and nas a very small exhaust fan inbuilt.

    1. All of them are best in class products cooler master n deepcool specialize in cooling solutions so just buy any model that you deem fit for your aesthetic needs as well as pocket.
      Your laptop will need a broader to cooler so the deepcool multi core x6 will do just fine.
      Feel free to ask any further questions

  2. which one for the Lenovo y-50 as the heat outlet is off centered? and should we consider the rpm?

    1. For the Lenovo Y50 I suggest that you get the Cooler Master X3 or the DeepCool Multicore X6
      Either of them will get the job done. The RPM should be left to max if you want optimum cooling during heavy workload while set it to medium or low during normal to low usage.