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Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Intel Core i5 3570K vs AMD FX 8350

A question that surfaced and is still going strong since the release of the latest Piledriver FX 8350 series by AMD is that is it better or atleast same as that of the Intel Core i5 3570K. As a matter of
fact i myself have been asked this question by many on and off the internet. The prime reasons for this type of a comparison were simple:

  • Both Processors are just a few bucks here and there in their price range.
  • The performance of these two has been really confusing as one scores over the other in some field or the other.
  • Their release date had been same making it more difficult for users to decide, as the already FX Bulldozer series users wanted a different and better processor and the launch of a better Piledriver FX 8350 made it a tough choice to make.
So I decided to put up an article comparing the same and keeping in mind the demands of an ever-changing market like India and its polymorphous consumer base.

Key Comparisons:

 As seen these two have a lot of differences but in price as well as in technology. The Intel i5 3570K is expensive and has less features than a comparatively cheaper AMD FX 8350. But don't let the numbers fool you there is a lot more than that meets the eye. Take a deeper look and you'll see this:

AMD FX-8350 advantages:


  • In multi-threaded programs, the FX-8350 is 8% faster. The difference in performance is application specific. In some of them the CPU could be up to 35% faster.
  • Memory performance of the CPU is better.
  • The FX-8350 has FMA4 and XOP instructions enabled. While these extensions are not widely used in applications yet, their support should improve in future apps.
  • This microprocessor incorporates FMA3 instruction set extension. The FMA3 technology is only offered on AMD CPUs, thus it probably will not get broad support from software vendors.
  • The official price of the processor is significantly lower than the price of the Intel Core i5-3570K CPU.
  • The AMD FX-8350 has 8% better price/performance ratio.

Intel Core i5-3570K advantages:


  • In single-threaded tasks, the Intel Core i5-3570K microprocessor is about 44% faster.
  • Graphics performance of the Core i5-3570K CPU is better.
  • The processor comes with integrated HD 4000 GPU. While this Graphics Processing Unit is not fast enough to run latest games with all settings on, it can be used for casual gaming and 3D apps.
  • Power consumption of the Intel Core i5-3570K microprocessor is lower.

My Verdict:

Both the processors have something better or worse than the other so, we can say that it all depends on your usage and even budget to some extent.
So if you are merely using the processor for single tasks like day-to-day usage or even Gaming for that matter you can opt for the Intel i5 3570K but if you want to use your computer in a 'real' manner and do a lot of work simultaneously like rendering a video, converting one and even recording a Gameplay for uploading on Youtube or something then FX 8350 is what you are looking for.
Also to keep in mind while choosing between the two is the price factor if you are on a budget then go for the FX8350 over the i5 3570K 'coz of the simple reason that the money that you can save would get you a better graphic card or a good motherboard increasing your performance by far in any case as its not just the processor that matters but the machine as a whole.
All in all the FX8350 has definitely made an impact and would put AMD back in the race of processors that it had lost due to its previous Bulldozer series.

For any suggestion regarding the same you can leave a comment and as always do ask a question if you have one.

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  1. hey thank you soo much vishvesh.You have really helped me in this buddy.Wonderful work

    1. Happy to be of some help to you mate......I'm happy that you liked it.