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Saturday, 29 June 2013


How to Keep your Laptop Cool

Often we ignore the important factor that temperature plays in the performance of a Computer's performance. Especially when it comes to laptops we are the most ignorant beings possible! Laptops tend to heat up a lot due to their compact form factor and largely due to the in-availability of sufficient cooling options installed or available, it merely has a small exhaust fan to keep all your components cool. As the components like the processor, Hard Disk and RAM which are responsible for producing the most heat are closely placed it increases the problem manifold. This decreases it performance and processing capacity and even makes it uncomfortable for the user who uses it in the way it was meant to be, on the lap.
So today I'm here to give you some very simple tips to keep your precious Laptop cool and maintain its cool factor:
  • Always keep the laptop on a hard plain surface like table or floor. Do not keep the laptop on bed or any soft and irregular surface. This is to make sure that there is enough open space and no blockage on the heat vents to maintain a steady and strong air flow.
  • Use laptop cooler / cooling pads. Laptop coolers have fans that increase the airflow amongst the components. Best part they are cheap as well.
  • Using Task manager to terminate the unnecessary applications that have high CPU usage. Higher the resource consumption of a particular application, higher will be the processing required and this in-turn would be converted into pure heat!
  • Shutdown your laptop when not in use for long time, do not put it on hibernate or standby mode. This will not only save your battery but would prevent the prolonged usage of the components and avoid the generation of heat.
  • Always use laptop in a open area, do not put it in any closed boundaries while working. This is very practical, after all its a laptop, roam around with it and if you can't then just use a desktop instead.
  • Avoid using your laptop while its connected to the charger, a laptop on charge tends to get its battery heated up and also will lead to more power being consumed by the applications due to the abundant availability of power. 

I hope that this post would be of some help to all you guys out there. If you have any more points to suggest and add to this list, feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. Games run smoothly when connected to the charger compared when not connected to the charger. Is it true my friends told me

    1. Not exactly but in some cases it does make a difference especially when the game has variable demands from the GPU and lack what I call a memory buffer. They ask for additional resources from the GPU when necessary hence keep on fluctuating the load and power supply diverted to that particular component, which is a bit difficult for a normal laptop battery to endure.
      Connect your laptop to a wall power outlet for better performance but don't extent your sessions too long as that will heat up your laptop faster.